10 Killer Shoulder Workouts That Will Have You Rocking That Beach Body

10 Killer Shoulder Workouts That Will Have You Rocking That Beach Body

Shoulder workouts are probably the most underrated workouts out there at the moment. It seems that everyone talks about scheduling their diary to make time for leg day, booty day, ab day and arm day… and what about your shoulder day? Many fitness experts say that in order for you to have strong legs, arms and abs, it is essential to work out the overall body. Working out various muscles within the shoulder can have immense benefits including improving your posture, helping out with back pain, also allowing you to do the other exercises more effectively and with better form. There is a reason that swimming for example is considered to be a great sport, as you workout your whole body at the same time, and especially the shoulders!

10 Killer Shoulder Workouts That Will Have You Rocking That Beach Body

When we see that gorgeous and super fit Instagram model whilst scrolling through our feed, what is something that we probably often don’t even recognise? That as well as having leg goals, booty goals, ab goals and arm goals, she for sure has shoulder goals, and we didn’t even notice! I personally am very guilty of neglecting my shoulders and arms. A simple move like a push-up is very tough for me whereas I can smash out a heavy leg work out any day. Here’s to not neglecting the shoulders and a list of my top 10 killer shoulder workouts that will give you a beach body to die for!

10 Killer Shoulder Workouts That Will Have You Rocking That Beach Body

1. Seated Dumbbell Press

This shoulder workout is one of the first and most famous ones that targets your shoulders. It is the workout you will most likely see all of the beefed up men at the gym doing, with very heavy weights. This exercise targets your anterior and lateral deltoid muscles which will build stronger and more defined shoulders. It is recommended to start with whatever weights you feel comfortable with according to your level and repeat at least 15 reps for 3 sets.

2. Front Dumbbell Raises

This shoulder workout is similar to the previous one, working the anterior deltoids as well as the pectoral chest muscles. It is a great move to start with for beginners, and according to your level, you should choose your weight accordingly. Make sure to follow at least 15 reps for 3 sets with each exercise to get the most effective results. Remember, make the last few reps count, as when you feel the burn is when the muscle is working properly.

3. Side Dumbbell Raises

This is another exercise in the same family as the two above, just on a different angle. This move requires you to move your arms to the side raising up the weights steadily up to a 90 degree angle. It may look easy, but this is one of the surprisingly tougher exercises to complete. As I was saying before, make sure you continue to the end of your reps no matter how painful it may be, as, no pain, no gain!


4. Banded Pull Aparts

This shoulder workout requires you to use a resistance band and spread your shoulders and arms to the side, externally rotating your arms outwards and back. This is a great movement for your rotator cuff, which is something that can cause shoulder fatigue and pain.

5. Kneeling One Arm Shoulder Press

This workout move allows you to target the shoulder muscle more deeply since it is being isolated. Being on one knee forces you to stabilise your trunk whilst also engaging your core. This is a great workout as it allows you to focus on one arm at a time and can also provide better results since your form may be more accurate than when you are working two arms at the same time.

6. Cable Reverse Fly

This shoulder workout requires using gym equipment. Whilst the others are easy at home workouts if you own dumbells, this one requires you to use the Cable Fly Machine. This exercise targets the rhomboid muscles in the shoulder and upper back and can help prevent shoulder and muscle injury. It can also be especially good for posture as the movement encourages your back shoulder bones to move back and forth and engage the posterior deltoid muscles.

7. Bent Over Fly

The Bent Over Fly shoulder workout targets the same muscles as the Cable Reverse Fly Workout. It is especially good for posture and the angle helps concentrate on the shoulder muscles as well as working out the chest at the same time. If you have been following this list so far and taking on each workout, it seems to me that you would have already started to have pretty defined shoulders by now. After repeating at least 15 reps for 3 sets of this one, you will be ready to hit the beach or pool in no time.

8. Dumbbell Arm Circles

This is probably one of the shoulder workouts I love to hate. It looks easy, and is often used without dumbbells at the warm up stage of workouts. I think that I have pretty weak arms in general due to my lack of focus in that area. Love them or hate them, these weighted circular moves are amazing for your shoulders and arms, giving the bones and ligaments around the area much needed stretching and release whilst encouraging mobility.


9. Car Drivers

The Car Driver shoulder workout of course mimics the move that you would do when spinning the wheel in your car whilst driving. The weight and this movement, which should be held straight in front of you, will work muscles that you don’t usually train, putting the deltoids in continuous tension. The reps should also be followed through for this exercise to encourage maximum results.

10. Shoulder Taps

Shoulder Taps are an effective at home shoulder workout that engages your core whilst engaging the shoulder and back muscles. The workout requires you to hold yourself in a plank position while slowly using your hand to tap the opposite shoulder. It is important to do this exercise slowly as form is important and will shape the muscles in the correct way to create shapely and beautiful shoulders perfect to show off in your tube dress or tube top during the summer!

After adding these 10 workouts above into your training routine, you could look like this photo below!

10 Killer Shoulder Workouts That Will Have You Rocking That Beach Body

What are your thoughts on the workouts detailed above? Do share your experience on them in the comments below and let us know if there are any other shoulder workouts you love in order to get a rocking beach body!

Featured Image Source: https://pixabay.com/photos/training-rmuscles-back-shoulders-828741/
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