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7 Killer Booty Blasting Workouts

Booty workouts have been all the craze in the past 10 years. I can remember around 10 years ago, being a teenager, complaining to my mom about not being able to fit properly into those extra low waist jeans that were popular in the 90s. And then all that changed! Now a shapely booty is definitely back in fashion, the first celebrity to embrace it being JLo. Thank you Jennifer Lopez! There are numerous booty workouts to follow that will give you an amazingly shaped bottom as well as increasing strength and muscle tone in your legs. It is definitely one of the areas I focus on most at the gym!

Get A Bubbalicious Butt!

Along with this new booty workout fitness trend, a lot of trainers have appeared on Instagram that will help you get that perfect body. One of the best Instagram trainers that I have come across is someone who calls himself the Booty King! I stumbled across his page recently (@bootyking) and he challenges the idea that the best way to get a great booty is just squats, squats and more squats. He is extremely informative and has great videos to show you how to get that perfect form and different unique workouts to try that I had never heard of! He has a personalised workout plan as well as his own patented booty bands that seem to be quite effective. Here are 7 killer booty blasting workouts that will get you that perfect bubble butt, with help from the Booty King!

1. Weighted Hip Thrusts

This first booty workout was definitely a new one for me. Although I may have seen some very super fit girls doing this workout at the gym, it was never something I considered or thought to have been in any way related to shaping the booty properly. Boy was I wrong! This booty workout is considered to be one of the most effective for booty gains! Even more so than a squat, if you can believe that! This workout requires you to use a moderately heavy weight. You can start with whatever weight you are comfortable with first, making sure to increase it gradually as you continue your training.

You will need to place the weight on your hips and thrust upwards whilst leaning your back on a chair surface, sofa, or gym seat using a resistance band so that your legs do not cave in. This booty workout trains your leg muscles, butt muscles and your core all at the same time. Trust me on this, it is difficult to finish your sets, but make sure you finish them as it is when it burns that you are really making the gains.

2. Single Leg Thrust

This booty workout is similar to the Weighted Hip Thrusts above, only that you focus on one leg at a time. This allows for a concentration on each side of the butt. Trust me on this, this workout kills! I remember looking at it and thinking, seems easy enough! I have never been so out of breath out from one singular move before! Trust me, you’ll start to feel the pain around rep 10 or so. It is important to follow through and complete your reps, as when it burns is when you are fully making progress. The difficulty of this particular workout is why this move is so effective at lifting and rounding the glutes.

3. Lunges

Lunges are a very famous booty workout that will tone your glutes, hamstrings and butt muscles all at the same time. The difficulty with lunges though is achieving and maintaining the correct form. It is important to make sure that these are done straight and there are ways to work up to making sure you have the correct form. Lunges are one of the most important booty workouts to add to your routine, as they shape the sides of your booty muscles as well as your thighs at the same time.

4. Heavy Weighted Dead Lifts

This is one exercise that I really thought did not have anything to do with the booty! I was so surprised to learn that it is one of the most effective booty workouts to incorporate in your routine if you’re looking to get a shapely derriere. The Booty King cites this as one of the best booty workouts, engaging the core, glutes, and hamstrings simultaneously. It is a perfect all around move to do, in order to get a killer booty.

5. Kickbacks

This booty workout is perfect to do either at home or at the gym. It requires you to get on all fours and kick your legs up towards the ceiling. You can use resistance bands, ankle weights or go without. It is important to maintain form whilst carrying out this exercise, making sure to engage your core and follow through each repetition slowly. This booty workout focuses on toning and sculpting. Carrying out this workout on a regular basis will definitely make that booty pop!

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6. Round The Glutes

Round the Glutes is an exercise that you will need to perform when you’re at the gym. As some gyms do not have ankle straps, you may need to invest in one. You will need to attach your ankle strap to the gym weights and lift your leg up in the air. It is definitely another move that may look easy. In this case, looks can definitely deceive! This booty workout is perfect to achieve a shapely round bubble type booty.

7. Squats

The final exercise is definitely one of the most famous moves I’m sure absolutely everyone has tried! This move definitely takes the cake as the King of all booty workouts. The squat works your quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, abdominal muscles, lower back and butt muscles all at the same time and is an extremely important move to perform to get that killer butt!

There are also several ways to perform a squat. Some examples include performing a regular squat set with weights, performing a curtsy squat to target the sides of the thighs or a sumo squat which targets the inner things. It would be useful to switch up the types of squat workouts that you incorporate into your routine.

In order to get a killer booty that would stun at the beach, the Booty King always stresses that it is important to:

  1. Make sure that your form is correct with each exercise to ensure effectiveness, which is something that can be worked towards over time.
  2. Stop making excuses and go to the gym even when you don’t ‘feel like’ it. Booty King has some great inspirational words for those moments. Make sure to check out his page in case you are in need of some inspiration!
  3. Maintain your workout schedule, and increase your weights as you go. It is very important to do this so that you see some proper results and are not wasting all that hard work and time spent at the gym on your booty workouts!

What are your thoughts on the booty workouts listed above? Are there any other ones that you feel are essential to get a killer booty? Let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below!

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