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5 Key Ways To Make Friends As A New Student

5 Key Ways To Make Friends As A New Student

5 Key Ways To Make Friends As A New Student

You tend to eat alone in the dining hall. You find yourself wandering aimlessly around campus trying to figure out where your next class is. A majority of your time outside of class is spent binge watching shows on Netflix. The sound of your text tone is beginning to sound foreign.

Anything sound familiar?

If so, don’t even sweat it, because you’re not alone. We weren’t all born with extroverted tendencies, so making friends can be harder for some. But believe me when I say it’s not as hard as you think. Follow these simple steps and you will be making friends in no time!

1. Be Yourself

As cliché as it may sound, you need to hear this because it is crucial when making friends. Being a little shy when you first meet someone is perfectly normal but don’t hesitate to say or act how you truly feel. If they don’t like you for you, trust and believe there are plenty of people out there who will! Being yourself will help you develop genuine friendships that’ll last a lifetime, so never sacrifice this step for anything.

5 Key Ways To Make Friends As A New Student

2. Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Don’t “Netflix and chill” all of your college days away! Take a chance and step outside of your comfort zone. Strike up a conversation with the person you sit next to in lecture or ask to sit with someone you find attractive in the dining hall. You’d be surprised at how well it could work out for you. You may feel a little uncomfortable at first, but that’s the point. You’ll thank yourself later!

5 Key Ways To Make Friends As A New Student

3. Take Advantage of Social Media

In this digital age, the power of social media goes without saying. We’re millennials for crying out loud! Social media is the perfect opportunity to network and make friends. A quick little Twitter or Instagram search can put you right where you need to be. From there, you can reach out, introduce yourself and socialize!

5 Key Ways To Make Friends As A New Student

4. Activities on Campus

You can always rely on activities and events held on campus to surround yourself with potential friends. These students are most likely looking for friends too and will want to get to know you. So throw on a nice outfit, keep an open mind, get out there and enjoy yourself! You’ll practically feel the school spirit in the air.

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5 Key Ways To Make Friends As A New Student

5. Join Clubs

Student organizations on campus are a great way to make friends with people who have the same interests as you. Do a little research on the clubs your university has and what they offer, and figure out which ones align with your views and beliefs. Visit an introductory/interest meeting of whichever ones you’re willing to support and get involved! Not only are clubs the perfect chance to establish relationships, they are also an excellent way to build your resume and make a difference in your community.

5 Key Ways To Make Friends As A New Student

Being the new kid on campus can be overwhelming. Chances are, you’re seeking a balance between your academic, personal and social life, all while trying to get acclimated to your new surroundings.

On top of all those things to worry about, making friends shouldn’t be one of them. It’s something that should naturally happen as time goes on, and with the help of the things we mentioned, you should expect nothing less of just that. Don’t overthink anything. Just be yourself, put yourself out there and you’ll be just fine!

Have you recently been a new or transfer student at your university? What were your methods to make friends? Let us know in the comments!

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