Keto Recipes To Try If You’re Looking To Start The Diet

The keto diet has gained significant popularity within recent years. Not only are celebrities swearing by it but doctors are actually backing this lifestyle change, to a degree. Many people swear by keto recipes and say this was the one diet that gave them the weight loss they were always seeking.

The keto diet is short for “ketonic”, it’s a diet aimed at completely changing eating habits. This diet significantly reduces the daily intake of carbs from a recommended 45 to 65 percent down to 5 to 10 percent. Meaning it’s important not to eat more than 50 grams of carbs a day, although many eat no more than 20 grams of carbs. That is a dramatic diet change, that alone can make the keto diet not only intimidating but significantly difficult to follow. A lot of everyday foods have hidden carbs, and the keto diet is all about avoiding them. Which is why having an arsenal of keto recipes is important. Below are a few keto recipes that will help kickstart the keto diet. They’re easy to make, provide leftovers, and most importantly are delicious.

Below are a few simple and actually delicious keto recipes. This diet is rigorous and hard to follow, and it’s definitely recommended to begin it with your doctor aware of what you’re doing. In an interview with Huffington Post Dr. Nancy Rahnama, a board-certified doctor of internal medicine, said this diet works for quick and successful weight loss. While this diet can be a god send for many people it isn’t for everyone, which is fine. As always it’s important to discuss lifestyle changes with doctors before changing eating habits drastically to ensure nothing goes wrong.

1. Garlic Butter Bread

Bread is not your friend when it comes to this diet, which is why many keto recipes get creative when it comes to that. Below is a recipe for garlic butter bread that will completely surprise you.

2. Cauliflower Bagels

Cauliflower is your best friend on the keto diet. It will replace potatoes and really anything super starchy and carb filled. You can turn cauliflower into rice, pizza crust, and with the recipe below you can turn it into a bagel. A normal bagel will either exceed or take up all of your carbs for the day but the cauliflower bagel will not.

3. Cauliflower Parmesan Crisps

You can actually eat a decent amount of cheese on the keto diet. Many keto recipes take cheese and turn them into unexpected items. If you find yourself missing crackers or chips these cauliflower parmesan crisps will quickly become your best friend. These are great to make in a bundle and have around for snacks or simple sides.

4. Garlic Chicken And Broccoli And Spinach

This is one of those keto recipes that looks like it took a while when really it didn’t. The recipe below will show you how to accomplish a delicious entree that will keep you full.

5. Mashed Potatoes

On the keto diet you’ll be thankful for all the ways you can eat cauliflower. Below is an example of one of the best ways, mashed potatoes. This has actually become so popular that some stores will sell premade cauliflower mashed potatoes. If you would rather make it yourself the recipe below will surprise you with how easy and delicious it is.

6. Brownies

Let go of that idea that you can’t enjoy desserts on the keto diet. Below is just one of many keto recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth. These brownies are delicious and nutritious.

7. Spaghetti Bolognese Bake

Here’s a recipe for another entree that will keep you full for many days. You can make this and store it for lunch or dinner for then next few days. This spaghetti bolognese bake is great for someone who cooks for more than just themselves too, it’s delicious enough for people who aren’t even on the keto diet.

8. Deviled Eggs

On the keto diet eggs are a giant staple. Hard boiled eggs are a simple and easy go-to snack but if you want to take it a step further consider the recipe below. These bacon filled deviled eggs are a delightful snack or even a full lunch.

9. Garlic Butter Salmon

The keto diet heavily relies on meat but if you aren’t super into that it also has a lot of seafood. The recipe below teaches you how to make the best garlic butter salmon.

10. Cheesecake Fat Bomb

Here is another delicious treat. These cheesecake fat bombs are healthier alternatives to sweet snacking. The keto diet is all about eating low carbs and high farbs, these cheesecake fat bombs will help you accomplish just that.

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11. Pizza

You can still have pizza on keto! It just requires slight creativity. The recipe below will teach you the steps to making this amazing pizza. It will satisfy any lingering carb cravings.

12. Bread

If you like making sandwiches or want any keto recipes that require bread the recipe below is important. You can’t have actual bread but you can have this surprisingly satisfying low-carb bread. It will ensure you don’t miss out on anything while on the diet.

13. Cream Cheese Pancake

Like previously stated keto recipes take unexpected ingredients and coming out with something amazing. These cream cheese pancakes are just that. This is a great weekend treat or make them and freeze them for on the go during the week.

14. Strawberry Vanilla Smoothie

Smoothies are amazing, and there are lot of keto recipes that will teach you how to make amazing ones. The one below is a simple recipe with great results. It can be a treat or a meal substitute.

15. Mac N Cheese

Another cauliflower recipe for the win. The mac n’ cheese recipe will impress even you with how good it is. This recipe will have you thinking you’re back in your childhood and having an afterschool snack. This is a great lunch or dinner.

What keto recipes are you going to try? Comment below!
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