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10 Keto Friendly Restaurants In San Francisco

The Keto Diet is hard and most people can hang in there when they’re cooking their own food but seem to get off track when they try to eat out. As the Keto diet has gained more popularity more and more restaurants have caught on and started creating Keto-friendly options for their customers. If you’re struggling to find a place to eat out in San Francisco on your Keto diet, these 10 Keto-friendly restaurants will help keep you on track.

1. Kitava

Kitava is a health food restaurant located on Mission St of San Francisco. Kitava has vegetarian and vegan options as well as Keto. All of kitava’s meals are 100% gluten free, and free of dairy, corn, soy, peanuts, refined sugar and seed oils. Their website claims that their food heals and you won’t need a doctor if you eat here. Some of Kitava’s Keto options include the Baja Bowl when ordered with cauliflower rice instead of white rice and extra kale slaw instead of beans. Another option is their General Tso’s Chicken when ordered with cauliflower rice instead of white rice. Or you can order the Cuban Bowl with cauliflower rice and extra kale slaw. All of their salads and pesto meat balls are also Keto-friendly. At Kitava you’ll be left with many options and won’t have to worry about not eating everything on your plate.

2. Kitchen Keto

Kitchen Keto is a health food restaurant in the Bayview-Hunters Point neighborhood of San Francisco. Kitchen Keto specializes in acai bowls and salads. Some of their menu options include Cauliflower Carbonara, Pesto Zoodle Salad, and their Pulled Pork Salad. Customers raved that this restaurant makes the Keto diet a delicious experience and that their delivery service was exceptional. As well as Keto-friendly, their food is Paleo-friendly. It’s hard to find Keto options at all let alone a whole restaurant dedicated to Keto dieting- Kitchen Keto is the place to go if you want to stick to your Keto diet.

3. Brenda’s Meat & Three

Brenda’s Meat & Three is a Southern style restaurant located on Divisadero St in San Francisco. Brenda’s Meat & Three’s philosophy revolves around choosing a meat and any three sides. Brenda’s Meat & Three is the first meat and three-style restaurant in the Bay Area and. This restaurant has a selection of 20 sides and options for vegans and vegetarians as well. If You’re on the Keto diet, some of your options for meat are Blackened Catfish, Blackened Salmon if you’re on a strict diet. If you’re on a loose diet you can have any of their meat options as they are fried, include BBQ sauce or gravy. Their Keto-friendly sides include collard greens, cole slaw, glazed carrots, green salad, garlic spinach, okra & tomato mace choux or brussel sprouts. If you aren’t the strictest Keto dieter but still want to be good, this is the place for you.

4. Espetus Brazilian Steakhouse- SF

Espetus Brazilian Steackhouse is a chain steakhouse but the one located in San
Francisco in on Market St. Espetus Brazilian Steakhouse is known for their meat so even if that’s all you have to eat, you’ll still be sticking to your veto diet-but don’t worry, they have sides. At Espetus where they cut the meat and serve it in front of you, they offer 14 cuts of meat with some of your options being sirloin steak, top sirloin, filet mignon, flap steak. They have an extensive salad bar where you can choose your Keto-friendly sides. If you love meat and are on the Keto diet, and want to indulge, you need to go to Espetus.

5. Sweet Green

Sweet Green is a restaurant in the Financial District of San Francisco that specializes in salads. Sweet Green believes that the food we eat and where it comes from has an affect on our health, community and environment so you can feel good about what you’re eating internally as well as externally. Some of their Keto-friendly options include Curry Cauliflower with blackened chicken thighs and curry roasted cauliflower, Kale Caesar and their create your own salad to really make sure you’re sticking to your diet. If you love salads, chicken and fresh ingredients, you have to check out Sweet Green.

6. Mixt

Mixt is a salad shop located in the Mission district of San Francisco. Along with having Keto options, this restaurant has meals for vegans too. Mixt was created when the owners were in Tahoe and were disappointed by the lack of healthy, high-quality, casual restaurants and decided to start their own. Some of the Keto-friendly options on the Mix menu are the Beetnik Salad, Mixture Cobb Salad, and the Design Your Own Market Plate where you can choose meat and veggies or veggies and a sauce.

7. Urban Bowls

Urban Bowls is a Poke restaurant located in the Hayes Valley neighborhood of San Francisco. As well as Keto options, Urban Bowls is also vegan-friendly. Urban Bowls caters to the buzz of Hawaiian poke and gives you the option to create your own, making this a place where anyone can eat. You can substitute any of their bowls with kale yeah mix, spring mix or cauliflower rice to make them Keto-friendly.

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8. Little Gem On Grove

Little Gem on Grove is a Californian restaurant located in the Hayes Valley Neighborhood of San Francisco. Not only keto-firendly, this restaurant has vegan and vegetarian options as well. Little Gem uses the highest-quality ingredients that are free from additives, preservatives, chemicals and modification. Some of the Keto-friendly options on Little Gem’s menu include some of their bowls when substituted with mixed greens, their King of Hayes plate, and Squash & kale Alfredo.

9. Portico Restaurant

Portico Restaurant is a pizza restaurant located in the Financial District of San Francisco. Pizza is a no-no on the Keto diet unless it has a cauliflower crust but Portico has an extensive salad bar that the customers can’t stop raving about. If you’re craving a salad, and want to create your own, this is the place to go. Come get the best Keto salad you can make yourself at Portico Restaurant!

10. Matko

Matko is a Korean restaurant located in the Financial District of San Francisco. The highlight of Matko’s food is its fresh vegetables and healthy proteins which is also the key ingredients to a successful Keto diet. Matko’s meals are a creat your own style where you can pick any meat and veggies and mixed greens as the base if your on the veto diet. This is as close as it gets for fast food and a healthy Keto meal- try Matko today!

Which Keto restaurant in San Francisco are you dying to try next? Tell us in the comments below:

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