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10 Kent Student Bloggers You NEED to Follow

10 Kent Student Bloggers You NEED to Follow

Kent State University has a diverse student population from across the country. So, it’s no surprise that Kent State students’ interests are as diverse as its population, from scoring one of a kind fashions at thrift stores to incorporating Christianity into your everyday life, and examining what it means to be a black man in America. Here are 10 Kent student bloggers who are sharing their passions and beliefs through videography, writing, and photography.

1. Sam Lough, Journalism Student

Sam Lough is a journalism student, who is pursuing God through her writing. Six years ago, Lough had a stroke. Although her left hand became paralyzed, her faith grew stronger and, she is blessed to say that God healed her. Lough was also inspired to start her blog by feeling that she needed more in her life.


Her blog, “Sam Lough- Daughter of the King”  features her musings on life while incorporating scriptures from the bible. “I want people to discover the mysteries of God that I have discovered,” Lough said.



 2. Danie Minor, Public Relations Student

Danie Minor is a public relations student with minors in fashion media and marketing. The self-described fashion and beauty lover from Annapolis, Maryland has been able to get hands on experience in the fashion and beauty industry. This summer, she interned at Agentry, a fashion public relations agency in New York City, where she was able to work at New York Men’s Fashion Week!

She also has been to BeautyCon, twice! Beautycon is a convention that incorporates social media with the beauty industry. Minor has been to BeautyCon New York City and BeautyCon London. Her blog, “Defining Danie” features beauty, fashion and lifestyle articles. Minor’s blog also has a section called “Thrifty Thursdays,” which features her findings  at her local consignment store, Oh My Darling, where she scored a Louis Vuitton handbag and thrift shops in Northeast Ohio.



3. Holly Disch, Public Relations Student

Holly Disch is a public relations student who is inspiring the world to do at least one good deed a day with her blog, “dischofgooddeads.” As a PR major, Disch wanted an outlet to write creatively as opposed to the journalistic style in her classes.

“I really believe there is more to life than just going to class or work, just doing a little act of kindness can change your mood or possibly someone else’s life. Disch is only 5 feet tall, but she’s ready to leave a huge mark to better the world. “I believe if everyone did something everyday to make someone even just smile, maybe our world would be a better place,” Disch said.



4. Kendall Becker, Fashion Merchandising Student

Kendall Becker is a fashion merchandising student from Geneva, Illinois. Her blog “To The Nines”  features her take on the latest fashion trends such as athleisure, palazzo pants and fringe. Becker also shares her monthly obsessions, which features not only beauty and fashion products but also current events in the fashion industry and life as a college student, such as Black Friday sales and finals.

Are you wondering what the latest fashion trend for this season will be? Becker has you covered with her trend report section, where she observes recent products from popular designers and retail companies with a common theme, such as an iridescent color or 70s inspired items.  Becker is already sharing her brand in the fashion industry. She was featured in the Windy City Blogger Collective and Teen Vogue’s It Girl Program!



5. Alyse Rohloff, Public Relations Student

Alyse Rohloff is a public relations student, who looks up to Rihanna and the Kardashians as style inspiration but works her own style on a tight budget. Her blog “ROHL WITH IT” shares tips for college fashionistas to create their personal style on a modest budget. “I think good style is wearing exactly what you like and getting inspiration from anything and interpreting it your way,” Rohloff said.

She is inspired by street wear and men’s wear. “I love that the line between men’s and women’s is almost dissolving,” Rohloff said. It’s rare you would catch Rohloff in a body con dress and six inch heels. She describes her style as simple and boyish. “I love oversized t-shirt dresses and jackets,” Rohloff said.  She also lives in denim, it’s her to go for any outfit.



6. Rachel Broas, Fashion Design Student

Rachel Broas is a fashion design student, who is bringing southern style to northeast Ohio. Her blog “Simply Poised Fashion” features light weight blouses (she owns a blouse with rainbow pom poms on the hems)  and colorful sundresses, staples for any southern belle. Broas describes her styles as delicate and feminine. “I always try to look for classic pieces that I know will last for years,” Broas said. You don’t have to cross the Mason Dixon Line to score Rachel’s wardrobe.


In every blog post, she links where to buy the items featured. Broas also gives reads a look at her favorite finds. Soludo Shoes are her recent favorite finds, Broas says it’s perfect for summer and spring. Readers can look to “Simply Poised” as a destination for travel, fashion, inspiration, beauty and hair tips. “I want it to be a platform that everyone can go to as an escape from everyday life, that helps them get excited to create, whether it be in fashion, photography or art,” Broas said.


7. Alicia Johnson, Senior Communication Studies Student

Alicia Johnson, a senior communication studies major would describe herself as creative, open-minded and hungry.  Her eclectic personality traits match her personal style. “I often find it hard to narrow my aesthetic to a specific niche, but that’s why I enjoy expressing myself so much,” Johnson said. Johnson is no rookie to blogging, but she wasn’t sure if it was for her at first. “I started blogging when I was 14, and went through many name changes and styles since then,” Johnson said.


She started her current blog, “pretty funky”, her freshman year of college. “I don’t get nearly as much interaction on my blog posts as I do on Twitter or Instagram,” she said. “Numbers aren’t the only thing that’s important, but I love interacting with people both online and real life.” Johnson started to publish again, when she decided to make her content for personal enjoyment and not views. “I leave a link to my blog on all of my social media accounts, but I’m no longer heartbroken if no one feels like reading it,” Johnson said. Pretty Funky is perfect for readers with a sense of individuality, who enjoy fashion, photography and opinion pieces. “I recently started writing about my personal views on topics as a result of Twitter’s puny character limit,” Johnson said.

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8. Adam Forrester, Fashion Design Student

Adam Forrester originally came to Kent State as a visual communication design major, but after his freshman year he switched his major to fashion design. Forrester is now combining his love for fashion and talent in photography in his blog “notoriousforrest.”

Forrester’s blog features health and beauty tips, such as the benefit of tea tree oil. His blog also features styles that both men and women can rock. Forrester even shows how men can wear leggings!  To see more of Forrester’s photography, check out his Instagram at notorious forrest.




9. Halimah Muhammad, Fashion Design Student

Halimah Muhammad is a fashion design student, who is challenging stereotypes of modesty and fashion. “Fashion to me is a beautiful form of expression,” Muhammad said.  “I love how you can be and say what you want to without no words at all.” Her blog  “Halimiah Nia- A Muslim Girl’s Guide to Modest Fashion” features videos of her personal style along with vlogs of her life as a fashion design student at Kent State!


Readers can also find her videos on her YOUTUBE channel. Muhammad started making YOUTUBE videos because she wanted to reach out to all girls and expose the beauty of modest fashion. “I thought it would be great for girls  who were like me, who could relate to me, could go on to the computer and have someone to connect with,” Muhammad said. Muhammad also has an online store on her website, where readers can shop treasures thrifted by the modest fashionista.  Muhammad started her website a month before starting her YOUTUBE channel in 2012. “I did tons of research, trying to figure out, how do you have a server, how do you have a blog and all this other stuff,” Muhammad said.  Muhammad admits that it was difficult at first but rewarding to see her ideas come into fruition. Muhammad encourages others to pursue their passions. “You touch the world by doing what you love,” Muhammad said. “So many of us are motivated by fear, just jump.”


10. LaQuann Lee Dawson Jr., Fashion & Graphic Design Student

LaQuann Lee Dawson Jr. ,a fashion design and graphic design major, originally started his blog “lackwhen”  about fashion, photography and styling but it evolved to feature his views on society, the fashion industry, gender roles and  being a black person in America. Dawson started blogging in February 2016, after coming home from New York Fashion Week.


“I wanted to start fashion blogging because I simply felt like I could, and then I could eventually be like the Quann sisters and get invited and even paid to attend all of these fashion shows,” Dawson said.  Dawson tried to emulate blogs about thrifting and styling but his blog became more personalized because of his personality and writing style. “It’s a lot more of me in it and my experience and the experience of my people,” Dawson said. Dawson is still developing a style for his blog, which is influenced by art and photography. “I think it is creating itself as I go,” Dawson said. “It is an outlet for me to express my views on society, the fashion world, the black community, politics and a lot more than I plan to get to,” Dawson said.



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