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10 Kanye West Outfits That Scream Steeze

Kanye West has been at the forefront of the fashion industry for quite some time. He’s the designer of the infamous Adidas Yeezy sneaker collection and frequently shocks people with his Yeezy Supply clothing. Despite loving or hating him, you have to hand it to him; the dude knows how to dress. While he’s seen wearing Balmain, Dries bomber jackets, Bottega Veneta Chelsea boots and shredded denim, he still “wow’s” us with his sense of style. Here are 10 Kanye West outfits to copy in 2018 that will have you turning heads.

1. Fresh Canadian Tuxedo

Kanye West outfits are always consisting of basic shirts, jeans and Chelsea boots. However in this Kanye West outfit he manages to rock the Canadian Tuxedo look with steeze.

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2. Earthy Tones

Again, Kanye pairs his outfit with the Chelsea boot. This is one of those Kanye West outfits that stand out thanks to his coat – he’s even rocking the same bag as the previous Kanye outfit.

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3. Flannel & Supreme

There is nothing better than a swagged out flannel and black jeans. Of course Kanye rocks some black Yeezys and a cool Supreme tee.

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4. All White Everything

This is one of those old-school Kanye West outfits – all white everything. However, he manages to pull it off with a sleek basic tee, clean jeans and polished white sneaks.

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5. All Black Everything

This is probably one of the easiest Kanye outfits to recreate. Just make sure whatever black pieces you’re wearing are form fitted for the most part so you don’t look like your drowning into a black abyss.

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6. Hoodie With Ripped Jeans

Snag The Kanye West Outfit:


7. Casual Tee & Jeans

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8. Layered Neutrals

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9. Crisp Black Button Up

A short sleeve button up is the perfect option when you’d like to look nice but still dress casually. Add a pair of dress shoes to amp up your Kanye West outfit, or pair it with joggers to keep the casual vibe.

Snag The Kanye West Outfit:


10. Leather Jacket Swag

Adding leather jacket to your outfit can instantly dress it up, even if you’re wearing nothing but an oversized hoodie and jeans. This is a super simple Kanye West outfit to recreate with minimal pieces and a touch of leather.

Snag The Kanye West Outfit:


What’s YOUR favorite of the Kanye West outfits?

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