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10 K-Pop Songs To Suit Your Every Mood

10 K-Pop Songs To Suit Your Every Mood

K-Pop is a rising genre in the music world and it’s no doubt making their impact worldwide. From upbeat and funky songs to slow R&B songs, there is always a K-Pop song for whatever mood you are in. Check out this list below!

1. BTS – Tomorrow

This is a K-Pop song with a strong beat and strong message. This is a great song to listen to when you are feeling a bit down and lost. Maybe you are unsure of where you’re heading in life or what to do your next career move should be.

The lyrics ‘because the dawn right before the sun rises is the darkest‘ will motivate you to look forward to tomorrow as it is a brand new day.


2. 2NE1 – Ugly

This is one of those K-Pop songs which are perfect for when you are feeling a little insecure. The lyrics during the chorus – ‘I think I’m ugly and nobody wants to love me’ – is definitely something every girl/guy can relate to at some point during their life.

However, everybody is unique and that makes you YOU so don’t worry if you are feeling ugly on some days. It is a temporary feeling and you are beautiful in your own way!

10 K-Pop Songs To Suit Your Every Mood


3. Big Bang – BANG BANG BANG

This is definitely a K-Pop song that once you listen to it, you’ll be on the dancefloor. This is the kind of song you’d listen to if you are in a party mood!

The repetitive ‘bang bang bang‘ throughout the song and heavy beats will make you want to throw a house party!

4. Ailee – I’ll Show You

This song is an upbeat and catchy song which is perfect after a breakup to lift your mood. If you have been dumped and they have already moved on or they cheated on you, this is the K-Pop song to listen to. 


The lyrics ‘I will show you a completely changed me, I will show you a way prettier me’ is the motivation you’ll need to move on, focus on yourself and one day the right person will come along and make you wonder where they have been all your life.

10 K-Pop Songs To Suit Your Every Mood

5. Eric Nam – Runaway

This short but sweet song is when you’re in a loved-up and cute mood. It might be considered a cheesy pop song but Eric Nam’s sweet vocals make this K-Pop a good summer tune.


The lyrics ‘so let’s run away, run away just two of us on nights without anyone knowing’ might even make you feel like eloping with your S/O in the middle of the night.

10 K-Pop Songs To Suit Your Every Mood

6. Miss A – I Don’t Need A Man

This is a fierce song for all the single and independent ladies out there! If you are single or have just got out of a relationship, this is the song to listen to.


You’ll soon forget all about needing a man and you’ll be embracing being single.

7. RM – seoul

The laidback and chill vibes from this song is perfect for those car rides or training journeys where you’re just not in the mood doing anything except watching the world go by.

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It’s also a good song to listen to if you are feeling homesick or if you’re in a taxi abroad and you’re just taking in all the surroundings.

8. Se7en – I’m Going Crazy

This is the perfect K-Pop song if you’re in a relationship and things just don’t seem to be working out. Are you having arguments all the time or they just seem to drive you crazy by changing their mind all the time?

If so, this is a mellow R&B song that you should listen to and will be able to relate to.


9. BTS – Mic Drop

This hard-hitting hip-hop song is for when you’re in a bad mood and you just want to let loose. It’s a song aimed at haters and if you had a particularly bad day at school/work, this is a good song to listen to.

It’ll immediately get you hyped up and you’ll soon forget all about your bad day.

10. Hyuna – Bubble Pop

This is a fun song to listen to when you’re feeling ready for summer. The catchy beat in the song gives it a carefree vibe.


It’s a great song to listen to when you’re packing for a holiday or you have just finished school/university for the summer!

10 K-Pop Songs To Suit Your Every Mood

These 10 K-Pop songs are perfect for a playlist to suit your every mood. Which is your favourite song?

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