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10 Junk Food Alternatives To Satisfy Your Cravings

Chips, burger, pizza, fries…we all know these junk foods are not ideal for our health or fitness goals. Though fine to consume in moderation, staying away from these bad boys will do wonders for your heart and waistline. However, these cravings are far from easy to ignore when all think about is sinking your teeth into a saucy slice of pizza. For you junk food fanatics, we have compiled a list of healthy alternatives to satisfy your cravings while simultaneously keeping your health goals in check.

1. Chips

Veggie chips (consisting of vegetables such as baked beets, turnips and sweet potatoes) are great alternatives for your favourite chips. Available at most local grocers or even corner stores, keep these in mind next time you’re about to reach or your bag od classic Lays or Doritos.

2. Ice Cream

If you’re a fan of ice cream, try a healthier, homemade alternative to your favourite frozen treat. “Nice” cream, a.k.a. banana based ice cream is a simple and effectively delicious alternative you need to try immediately. All you need are some frozen bananas, flavour (cocoa powder or peanut butter, etc…) and a blender. Blend ingredients to your preferred consistency and you have yourself a tasty treat. For more recipes and frozen creativeness, check out these recipes here.

3. Chocolate Bars

If chocolate bars are our fix, we can help. Filled with sugar, calories and trans fats, chocolate bars can be worse for your health than you realize. Instead, try pure dark chocolate (at least 70% dark) as a healthier, yet equally chocolatey alternative. If you can’t take the bitterness of dark chocolate, try a mix of dark chocolate chunks and dried fruit or and or a mixture of all three in a homemade trail mix. Be careful to still eat these in moderation, as they can still be calorie dense.

4. Soda and Pop

Instead of reaching for your favourite sugary drink, try flavoured sparkling water or kombucha. La Croix is a delicious, and cheap, sugar and calorie-free alternative. If you like something with a little more flavour, kombucha has amazing health benefits (probiotics, digestion aid and energizing cultures) that you can’t find in any other type of drink.

5. Fries

Fries…of holy fries. There’s a reason why everyone loves them. However, if you’re looking for a delicious, fat-free alternative try roasted or baked veggies with greek yogurt dipping. These are so easy to make, just pop your favourite veggies in the oven with any seasoning and olive oil you desire.

6. Milkshake

If you’re a milkshake lover looking for a healthier, maybe even dairy-free alternative, try going for a smoothie instead of a milkshake the next time you have a craving. the beauty about smoothies is that you can get as healthy and creative as you want. The possibilities are almost endless.

7. Pizza

Pizza is a hard one to find a healthy alternative for. However, we think we’ve done it justice with this one. Instead of pizza crust when you make your next pizza, try portobello mushrooms, zucchini, or a cauliflower crust as a carb-free option. You might even like it better then the real thing.

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8. Burgers

Burgers are a classic junk food staple. However, the bun and the sauce can have major calories in them. Yikes. Next time you make your next burger, opt for a carb-free alternative by using romaine lettuce wraps instead of buns. Even request it at your favourite restaurant, this is such an easy alternative it can be done almost anywhere.

9. Mac n’ Cheese

For mac n’ cheese lovers who want to get away from all the carbs that come in macaroni, cauliflower or squash alternatives are great bases for your next meal. You can even find dairy-free cheese alternatives to escape dairy as well in order to make this the ultimate healthy mac n’ cheese.

10. Candy

If you’re a fan of candy treats but are trying to steer clear from all the sugar, frozen grapes and frozen fruit, in general, are great satisfying alternatives. Just put your favourite fruit into the freezer an hour or two before consumption and you have yourself a yummy dessert. You can even buy pre-bagged frozen fruit to save yourself some time.

Comment below your favorite junk foods and what you eat to curve your cravings!

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