4th of July Party Games That’ll Take Your Celebration To The Next Level

Adults only 4th of July parties can bring in some epic fun. Games, drinking, laughter, maybe even some flirting and some hooking up. Then there are the fireworks. Who doesn’t LOVE fireworks? I know I do! The lights, the colors, the sounds. They’re a perfect way to end a night full of fun.

If you’re looking for some games to add to your fourth of July party, here are ten of my favorites.

Lawn Beer Pong

Bring a college favorite back to life. Make it harder by making it bigger. No longer do you need to use solo cups and ping pong balls. Put some weight to it and use ice cream buckets and baseballs, or small trash cans and basketballs. Up the stakes. If there’s someone you’ve got your eyes on, instead of drinking, throw kissing into the mix! (Just be careful. Alcohol can make people do things they normally wouldn’t!) Change things up. Have fun with it!


4th of July Party Games That’ll Take Your Celebration To The Next Level

Giant Jenga

This one would be a riot after people have had a few drinks in them. Steady as they go would definitely not be the new motto. Though it would be fun to watch a bunch of people try to make forts out of giant Jenga blocks and hide from each other. Better yet, use giant Jenga blocks to make castles and try to defeat the other ‘team.’ Loser has to buy the next round


Put a twist on the classic cornhole game and paint your stands right, white and blue. Use star-shaped bean bags. Make a tournament out of it. The losing team has to pick the sober cab driver for the rest of the evening! 


Play ‘Pig’ style. If the person on the other team makes it, you have to make it from where they threw. If they threw it behind their back, you have to, too!  Missed? Take a shot! There are so many ways to amp up this classic game.

Battle Shots

Battle Ships has hit a whole new level, people! Take the classic childhood game and set it up, larger than life, in your backyard. 

4th of July Party Games That’ll Take Your Celebration To The Next Level


Water Balloon Dodgeball Fight

Who didn’t love dodgeball as a kid? Now, don’t lie, it was your chance to take some aggression out during school time hours, right? Mad at your best friend? Make sure they’re on the other team and chuck the ball! Even those who weren’t first chosen were able to do their best at getting kids they didn’t like out. As long as you weren’t cruel, and taking headshots, the teacher usually let it go.

Take this fun game from school and turn it into something even more fun. It’s July. It’s hot. Fill up some water balloons and have a water balloon fight. The bonus is, there’s not loser or winners here. Everyone cools off and everyone has a great time. This is definitely one of my favorite fourth of July party games!

By far one of the wettest fourth of July party games on this list.


Never Have I Ever

Juuuuuust in case it’s raining outside, you might want games you can play indoors. Not every fourth of July can be perfect weather, right? 

Create an adults-only version of the game and learn your friends’ deepest darkest secrets! You can choose to keep it PG-13 of course or bring it to any level everyone attending is comfortable with. Nobody wants to be known as the host who alienated friends because a game was too risque.

5 Second Rule Uncensored

Again, just in case it’s a rainy day, let’s take a look at an indoor game. I’ve never played this one, but it seems like it would be an outright riot to play. During your turn, you are given only 5 seconds to come up with an answer to what the card says. 


For example, one card says ‘3 uses for your tongue.’ Now, if given time, a person can come up with three completely innocent and normal answers. Lick your lips. Get food out of your teeth. Or clean out the bowl when making cookies or cake. However, give yourself 5 seconds and tell me what you’d come up with. The first things to pop into your head aren’t always so innocent…I know mine weren’t when I tried to do it!

4th of July Party Games That’ll Take Your Celebration To The Next Level


Balancing beer bottles on two poles placed 20 or 30 feet apart (these don’t necessarily have to be poles you can use whatever you have available) and then members of the opposite team have to use frisbees to knock the beer bottles down. 


The team throwing the frisbee gets one point for knocking the bottle down by hitting the pole and two points if they knock it down just hitting the bottle. The team holding the poles can reduce the throwing teams points by one if they catch the bottle before it hits the ground. If the thrower misses, they have to take a drink!

Definitely one of the most fun fourth of July party games!!

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Ghost in the Graveyard

Who didn’t love playing Ghost in the Graveyard as a kid?? I know I did! This game is generally played with at least 3 people, but the more people there are, the harder it is for the ‘ghost’ to hide. Once the ‘ghost’ has snuck off and had ample time to hide, the rest of the party-goers try to find him. The player who finds the ‘ghost’ shouts ‘Ghost in the Graveyard’ to alert the rest of the players. Then the game starts all over.

It’s basically like hide-n-seek. 

Probably one of my favorite fourth of July party games, for sure!


Night Time Ring Toss

Fourth of July party games are synonymous with glow in the dark. We often think of glow sticks, sparklers and other items that will glow in the dark. 

Nighttime ring toss is similar. Find an object that will stand out in the dark, and snap a couple of glowsticks together to make a large ring. Use them to try to slip them over the object and win! 

Let’s add a little bit of alcohol into this. 


Pair up into teams. If you miss, you have to take a drink. If the opposite team gets a ringer, your team has to chug the rest of your drink. 

Have fun!

4th of July Party Games That’ll Take Your Celebration To The Next Level


What fourth of July party games do you play? Will you be adding any of the ones on this list to your holiday party this year? Let us know in the comments!

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