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The Best 4th of July Nail Art Designs To Celebrate In Style

When summertime rolls around, nails become one of the best and most versatile accessories. Bright colors on your nails put you in the summertime mood and you might be wearing less jewelry due to swimming and the heat. Nail art designs become even more important for parties or events, like July 4th. Nail art is a fun way to show your spirit and festivity and, of course, receive tons of compliments. Here are some of the best fourth of July nail art designs that will get you ready to celebrate Independence day in style.

1. Firework Nails:

It’s always great to start with the wild card; and what’s wilder than fireworks and 4th of July? this nail polish design is certain to delight everyone at the celebration and wow all of the people around you, just like the real fireworks display that is probably going on in your hometown. This nail art design is also versatile enough to be worn with any base color on your nails, but it would work best with black or a dark blue. You know, a color that actually mimics the night sky. Also, be sure to use 4th of July colors for your fireworks as wells as some silver, gold, and of course, glittery elements.

2.  American Flag Nails:

Nothing is, of course, more 4th of July than our country’s immediately recognizable red, white, and blue flag. For a tried and true style for fourth of July nail art, definitely go for the American flag nails. The American flag is displayed on everything during the 4th of July season including tank tops, denim shorts, and t-shirts. So, why not now display the iconic flag proudly on your nails? You also could change up the classic design by doing the stripes diagonally or vertically. Or you could do a really detailed American flag pattern on just your accent nail while making the rest of your nails red, white, blue, or even silver. No matter how you display this classic nail art design, it will definitely show your spirit. 

3. Polka Dot Nails:

A classic summer print merges with the festive colors of the holiday. Polka dotted nails in red, white, and blue colors would be perfect for your 4th of July celebration and they are still classic, versatile, and summery enough for you to proudly display them for the whole week. This fourth of July nail art design would also work with any shade of red or blue; there’s no way to mess up or go wrong with this style because they are literally so easy to execute. Polka dotted nails really are the perfect nail art design for anyone and everyone, especially those going to a summer bash.

4. French Tips:

It’s always fun to change or adapt a classic style to a season, holiday, or event. Honestly, it’s just fun to add your own spin to things in general. A perfect example of changing tried and true classics are these 4th of July french tip nails. Start them like you would your normal, everyday french tipped nails. Then add lines of red, blue, and silver to the tips of your nails to get them ready for a party. Even add some extra silver glitter or gold if you want to feel especially glamorous for your celebration. It definitely can’t hurt.

5.  Glittered Nails:

Glitter is amazing all year round, but nothing is better than glittery nails for you to proudly display at summertime backyard parties. Of course one of the most prominent summer bashes for most people is the annual 4th of july celebration, so you really would want to make sure your nails are on point for this event. Honestly, there is no better way to do that than glitter. The best 4th of July glitter colors to use for your nails are red, white, blue, gold, and silver. Maybe don’t use all five colors at once since you’ll want to have the time to actually get to your party, but if you do that’s the opposite of a problem. It is a celebration after all. Glitter and glam it up!

6. Festive Ombre Nails:

Another tried and true nail art technique that will never go out of style is Ombre nails. With this nail art design, you take two or three colors and layer them so they look like they fade into each other. A great color trio that you can use for this is red, white, blue; making this nail art technique perfect for those about to get ready to celebrate the 4th of July. Get your nail dabbing sponges ready because you will totally want to try this fun and festive 4th of July nail art.

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7.  Red, White, and Blue Tye Dye Nails:

Another summer style merges with the festive colors of red, white and blue. Introducing Independence day tye-dye nails! This fourth of July nail art design is just the epitome of summertime. When I think of the most perfect and relaxing summer day, I think of iced tea, bright sunshine, and the fact that I’m probably wearing a tye-dye shirt. Why not bring that perfect summertime feeling to your nails? These nails would also leave everyone around you in awe due to the complicated design. They’ll look so great that you’ll be in awe too, and you’ll want to leave them on for weeks even after the holiday is over.

8.  Vertical Stripes:

For a clean-cut and proportional fourth of July nail art design, go for some red, white, and blue vertical stripes. Everyone will be sure to compliment on your perfect precision and how this design is, of course, perfect for the 4th of July season. This design is also easy to execute since all you need to do is wait for your base color to dry, paint on the white middle layer, and then finish it up with a neat red or blue stripe on top.

I hope you found some fourth of July nail art inspiration from this list! Which nail design are you going to be wearing for your fourth of July party? Let us know in the comments below!
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