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10 Juicy Foods To Help You Stay Hydrated

Warm weather is just around the corner, which means lots of outdoor activities and, quite likely, lots of sweating. Staying hydrated is incredibly important, so think beyond the limited drink scope and seek out some juicy foods. Whether you are drinking plenty of water or not, juicy foods are a great dietary boost to help you stay hydrated. Check out these juicy foods to get some ideas so you can beat the impending heat!

1. Watermelon

Of course, watermelon is at the top of the juicy foods list! Watermelon is 92% water; it didn’t get its name for nothing! Beyond its fantastic hydration abilities, watermelon is also filled with important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Furthermore, because watermelon is mostly water, it is low in calories. This basically means you can gorge yourself on watermelon and feel good about it.

Depending on what your day holds will depend on how you transport and prepare your watermelon. If you are enjoying a cookout or picnic, take the whole darn thing and cut it up there. Watermelons can be messy to cut up because of its abundant juiciness, so cutting it in the yard saves you the trouble of cleanup. If you are going on a drive or a nature expedition, cut it up either into bite-sized pieces or into small slices. Carry it in containers inside gallon-sized zip-up bags filled with ice to keep chilled, and toss in a backpack for easy transport. 

2. Plain Yogurt

It may surprise you to learn that plain yogurt is 88% water. Plus, plain yogurt is packed with protein and calcium, so it is very good for you. Additionally, research has shown that regularly eating plain yogurt can promote weight loss because the high water and protein content present help reduce that hungry feeling.  

The reason plain yogurt is best is because of all of those unhealthy sugars found in flavored yogurts are absent. Though plain yogurt does not taste nearly as great, that does not mean you can’t dress it up a bit. Try preparing individual servings of yogurt in solid sealable containers. First, add one cup of yogurt to each container. Then add a few fresh blueberries, strawberries, or whatever mix of fresh fruit you like, as most fruits are naturally hydrating. Drizzle a spoonful of honey on top, then you are set! Stir before consuming, and you will not even miss those unwanted sugars!

3. Applesauce

You can tell by looking at it that applesauce contains a good bit of water. In fact, applesauce is 88% water, making it one juicy food. It is also low in calories and high in dietary fiber, so it is a great hydrating dietary addition, as long as you stick with the unsweetened natural applesauce. Otherwise, the sugars outweigh the health benefits. 

You can either make your own applesauce to make sure you are getting the healthiest option out there, or you can buy unsweetened applesauce packaged either by serving or by the jar. Divvy it up into plastic resealable containers or throw a few individually packed cups in your hiking bag. If it gets warm, it is okay. Plus, if you do not want to pack silverware, this juicy food is so watery you can just drink it up!

4. Salsa

Tomatoes are 95% water, and since they are the main ingredient in salsa, salsa is comparably hydrating. Also, the typical salsa ingredients, like tomatoes, onions, and lime juice, are fantastic sources of vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin C. Because of these natural juicy ingredients, salsa is low in calories, so you can combine it with some corn chips and still reap the benefits.

There are a lot of different salsas to choose from, so grab your favorite. Maybe a less spicy salsa would be a good choice since you are looking to enjoy the hydrating benefits and not so much the burning sensations. Mild or medium salsa is a refreshing pick-me-up snack to get you hydrated and ready to go. Whether you pour some into a container or take a whole jar, just make sure to take something to dip it out with.

5. Cucumber

Being nearly 97% water, these juicy foods have the highest water content solid foods can provide. It is important to eat the skin of the cucumber along with the rest because this is where the nutrients are. There are small amounts of vitamins and minerals present, but the caloric content is almost nothing, literally. What did you expect from something almost entirely composed of water? 

Enjoy by the slice, on a salad, or in a bowl of chilled cucumber soup. Every way is hydrating and refreshing. For an easy snack any time, cut a cucumber into slices and put in a container or zip-up bag. Pack your favorite dressing in a small resealable container, and dip your cucumber slices in it whenever you are feeling in need of some juicy foods.

6. Cottage Cheese

This is another great hydrating food that is also protein-packed. At 80% water, cottage cheese is a fantastic hydrating snack. Additionally, one serving provides significant portions of several daily nutrient requirements. Can we call this one a superfood? I think so.

Enjoy cottage cheese plain or with fruits or veggies. Set up individual serving containers and dish out a serving of cottage cheese in each. Feel free to throw some apple butter or fresh fruits on top, or add some lettuce. Keep cool with ice packs, then stir and enjoy when desired.

7. Celery

Another water-rich veggie that is versatile, celery is quite hydrating at 95% water. It contains a significant amount of vitamin K and potassium, which are both very important to your body. Plus, celery is very low in calories, making it another guilt-free juicy hydrator.

Eat celery plain, cook with it, or dress it up. There are so many things you can do with this juicy food. A great outdoor celery snack that both hydrates and boosts you is created by filling the celery ravine with peanut butter and sticking raisins in the peanut butter. Wrap in cling wrap or put in a resealable container. This snack will curb your hunger and keep you going, plus it tastes great.

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8. Brothy Soup

When I say “brothy soup”, I mean soups that are mainly broth, like chicken noodle soup. While most soups are hydrating, those with watery broth are, of course, the most hydrating. Averaging at 92% water, these soups are also great weight loss foods, as they are low-calorie hydrating meals. The nutritional values vary according to which soups you consume, but each will definitely hydrate you.

You probably do not want to consume hot soup while in the summer heat, but you do not have to heat them up to boiling. Assuming you are eating an already prepared soup, you can enjoy it at room temperature or a little warm, and it will still taste great. Whether you choose to package the soup on your own or pack a can or two, you will absolutely feel rehydrated and reinvigorated after eating this juicy food.

9. Grapes

At 80% water, these yummy juicy foods are one of the easiest hydrating snacks to grab. The grape skins are high in antioxidants and various nutrients, so it’s a good thing our culture does not attempt to peel them. Grapes are a little high in calories for a fruit, so enjoy a serving size to stay hydrated and healthy all around.

There are a lot of different varieties of grapes out there, and some are very interesting. Choose your favorite or try a new variety; they will all have comparable hydrating qualities. Grapes are so easy to pack and eat, so bag up a cluster and pick at as you want so you can remain hydrated throughout your day.

10. Carrots

Carrots are about 87% water, though they are pretty solid. Since they tuberous roots, carrots are saturated with water. In addition, they are high in essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Oddly enough, baby carrots typically contain more water than full-size carrots, so go for these when grocery shopping for maximum hydration upon consumption.

You can cook with carrots or eat them raw and still get the hydrating benefits. For a cooling and hydrating snack at any time of day, pack a serving of baby carrots in a zip-up bag and garden veggie dip in a resealable container. The veggie dip will help additionally hydrate you and give you energy. When you feel the need for a little hydration and a little boost, dig in!

What are some of your favorite juicy foods? Which of the juicy foods on this list surprised you? Let me know in the comments below!

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