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10 Jobs For People Who Love To Travel

10 Jobs For People Who Love To Travel

Travelling is waayyy too expensive to not get paid for it! Instead, try one of these jobs for people who love to travel and get paid for your journeys.

Travelling the world is a dream come true for most people. And expensive. It can be so hard to even get out of your state on a shoestring budget. And then there are vacation limitations to manage, and the fact that you’re not making money while you travel. So, rather than dealing with that headache, why not get paid to travel? Here are 10 jobs for people who love to travel. This satisfies the wanderlust in your soul (and the overdraft on your bank account!).

1. Flight Attendant (duh)

It may seem obvious, but it’s still worth saying. Although you’ll only spend limited time at your destinations, the fastest and surest way to get paid to travel is to work on the flights themselves. Alternatively, if you have the skill, you could be a pilot! Both these trades will get you up in the air and around the world.

2. Volunteer Exchange

Okay, so these jobs for people who love to travel aren’t all jobs per se. This isn’t technically a paid position, but still! With this concept, you do volunteer work in return for food and lodging. It’s a free and easy way to live abroad, usually for minimal time commitment.


3. Au Pair

Piggybacking on the idea of free food and lodging is the position of au pair. An au pair is paid to live in someone’s house and take care of the children, as well as do some household work. This is a good idea if you like kids, and want to stay put in the country you’re traveling to.

4. ESL Teacher

ESL means English as a Second Language. This is another great gig if you’re bilingual and kid-friendly. Often, these positions require minimal communication in the target language, so you don’t even have to be that good. This allows you to live wherever you want just by picking up a few words in the local language, and learning as you go!

5. Travel Nurse

This combines the two great passions of you’re life! If you’re already a nurse, you can sign up to be a travel nurse. You’ll be sent to various locations for anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. This is a great way to make a living, and fun and exciting.


6. Travel Writer

A travel writer is someone who writes specifically about there travel experience. If you already have great writing experience, and some seed money to get yourself stared, this is the perfect route for you.

7. Journalist

If you have the writing experience but not the seed money, be a travelling journalist! Work for an international company and volunteer for all of the international pieces. While you’re covering stories abroad, you’ll get your travel wish.

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8. Cruise Ships

This may not require as much time in foreign lands, but sometimes foreign seas are just as good of an escape. With this option, you’re treated to a crew that becomes like your second family, and non-stop journeying. Think of all the ports you’ll arrive in!

9. Translator

This is likely one of the most practical options of all the jobs for people who love to travel, even if it could be boring. By being a translator or interpreter, you follow someone around and translate their words to the local language, or vice versa. For this position you’d need to be very fluent in the other language. All things considered, this is one of the best ways to get some job security with a travelling job.

10. Photographer

And, last but not least, we have the hardest job to attain. This is the dream of so many: to be paid by some magazine to go around the world taking stunning photographs. This is last on the list because it is the least realistic, but if you have the skills why not try? Alternatively, you can use your photography skills to start your own travel blog, and combine that with your writing ability.


What jobs for people who love to travel have you heard of? Do you travel for your job? Let us know in the comments below!