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10 Jobs For College Students You Should Be Aware Of

10 Jobs For College Students You Should Be Aware Of

10 Jobs For College Students You Should Be Aware Of

For some of us who are entering college or are currently enrolled, there is a need to find jobs geared toward students. Luckily many schools understand the financial need of their students and offer good jobs for college students.


Outside of midterms and finals, the library is a nice and quiet place for students to work at. There usually are not long lines or extremely complicated requests, so this would be a great potential job for college students that want to work in an environment with a slower pace.

10 Jobs For College Students You Should Be Aware Of

Dining Halls

Unless you attend a really small college, your school most likely has one dining hall and often they have jobs for students. This is a great option especially if the dining hall is attached or close to where you live. Also, since dinning halls are open for extended periods of time, there is even more room for flexible hours.

Financial Aid

This office the bane of many student’s existence, but since people steer clear from this place, there is a greater chance that you could get a position at their front desk! It is not the most exciting option, but sometimes money is money.

Teaching Assistant

Some great jobs for college students are actually in the classrooms themselves. As a teaching assistant you will assist a professor from a class that you have previously taken and act as an aid to current students of that class. Every school and class will have different needs for their assistants, but for all students that have excelled in and enjoyed a course, I would suggest looking into this option. If you don’t mind some grading, this could be a great way to get some cash!

10 Jobs For College Students You Should Be Aware Of

Working in your particular college

When I say college, I am talking about the department in which you are getting your degree in. I know at my university, each major had a floor or section dedicated to it in a massive building and students worked the front desks. This is another great way to work around people who could offer insight and well needed help in your field. Even though you wouldn’t be working directly with those professors or department heads, you would be seeing them often and can gain a rapport with them.


There are many great benefits to working in housing. In many cases, you get get free or reduced housing prices and depending on where your school is located or your financial status, that would a great deal of money for you to save! Depending on your job, there is a great deal of responsibility involved, but if you’re up for the task, there is great reward!

On Campus Restaurants

Especially at major universities, there are restaurants and food chains that can be found on campus. These jobs are great for college students that already have previous experience working in the food industry. There would not be a huge learning curve, so you can focus more on figuring out your classwork.

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10 Jobs For College Students You Should Be Aware Of

Campus Tour Guide

This would qualify as one of the jobs for college students that anyone could do if they aren’t afraid of peaking in front of crowds. By the time you would qualify to be a tour guide, you should have extensive knowledge about your campus, so again, there would not be a huge learning curve outside of some campus fun facts!


For the students who are passionate about fitness and find themselves there often, you might as well work there too! You have the opportunity to be surrounded by people with similar interests and have the ability to squeeze in some great workouts!


The theater is calling! For the drama majors or really anyone that enjoys a good show, this is a great option. Unless you’re on the stage, people tend to forget that you could also work in the theater or movie theater (my school had both on campus) as a janitor, the front desk, and if you are qualified, even in production.

10 Jobs For College Students You Should Be Aware Of

There are so many different jobs for college students on campuses. The next time you go on campus, look around and see what others are doing and that could help out your search! Also look at your school’s career services. Can you think of some great jobs that didn’t make my list? List them down below!

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