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Job Websites You Don’t Know About

Job Websites You Don’t Know About

We grimaced in envy when our roommate told us they got the job offer. Jealousy. We’re stuck with a mix of emails and envelopes that begin with Thank you… instead of Congratulations… Our search for a job that we want is multi-dimensional. Our friend with the new job offer could have performed better than all of the other candidates. Maybe they had a connection with the organization. Or maybe their resumé and cover letter had the right buzz words the position was looking for.

Not all of us can Rapunzel our job search and wait for the best suitor to arrive at our beck and call. Most of these websites will offer you a baseline of services for free;

  • A resume and cover letter uploader
  • Career-specific advice
  • Job-specific salary information
  • Digital job opening alerts
  • Job filters (e.g; Location, Part-Time, Full-Time, Internship, etc.)

On the other side of the coin, there are some sites that offer distinct options to more niche audiences. Are you just looking for internships because you haven’t graduated yet? Are you looking for part-time jobs because you haven’t graduated yet? What about jobs just in tech? Want me to go on? Me neither. Some of these websites perform the same baseline functions as their counterparts while others have functions that make them top-tier job searching tools. Each one of these sites is constructed to help you. In my humble opinion, it is always worth your time to check out each website for opportunities. You never know how companies view their applications that come in from different websites. The only way to know that these websites will lead you somewhere is to try them out.

WayUp’s mission is directed toward helping you secure that first professional experience after college. There are easy buttons like “Entry Level Jobs” and “Internships” as well. Find your real-world experience at



What I like about is the fact that it does not clog the user with irrelevant advertisements. One thing that will give you is the range of salaries of the job you are looking for. What is more, this salary graph calculates taxes and social security into your yearly salary, giving you a more exact amount of the money you will be living off of. Almost all of the sites here have salary insights, but none as in-depth as The site, just like WayUp, has a very cozy feel to it. What do I mean? See for yourself.


Handshake is specific to undergraduate, graduate, or recently graduated individuals. I have used HandShake many-a-time to apply to jobs, and the process is quite seamless. Former employees leave feedback on the job you are currently applying for as well. You can even message those former employees with any questions you may have.



Idealist is another niche site like Idealist specializes in connecting candidates with non-profits. Candidates can read mission statements for non-profits to find which is a great fit for them.


KForce is another niche site. It specializes in posting jobs and internships in accounting, tech, and finance.

Dice is everything that a regular job search engine is, but for those exclusively looking for jobs in the tech industry. Search for over 83,000 jobs are available today!


Jooble draws job postings from more popular search engines, like ZipRecruiter and Dice. With over 24,000 jobs available, Jooble offers a lesser amount than your mainstream job search engines. Nevertheless, it offers salary information, job filters, and resume uploading.


Indeed is one of the most popular job search engines. With millions of jobs to search from and an easy to use website and mobile app, is a MUST for you to check out. It offers all of the basics as well as heart-warming stories uploaded each minute from people that got their jobs through Indeed. Me being one of them!

We all know this one. LinkedIn also has a jobs portion of its site that is well manicured and offers resume uploads, links to external application sites, and a list of the people that work at the company itself. My favorite part about LinkedIn Jobs is the alerts it gives me and the easy to use mobile app.


See Also

Google For Jobs

To use Google For Jobs, you just google the job type you are looking for and where you want it to be. A block of local jobs will appear first and foremost on your hits window.



GlassDoor calls itself a ‘community’ because it is best known for its anonymous company reviews. offers over one million jobs interview questions and thousands of company reviews from current and former employees from several hundred thousand companies. Look out for free interview questions and advice on this site as well.

RobertHalfDirect does not offer nearly as many job postings as any other site on this list. But I will never say that any one site is not worth looking on. Check it out. You never know.



Monster is the company with the funny commercials that we couldn’t understand because we were too young. Unfortunately for us, the real world is knocking on our door and we need to answer it. Monster has evolved its business to not just keep up, but to compete with sites like LinkedIn Jobs and


LinkUp prides itself on doing a thorough screening to make sure you do not get scammed when searching for jobs.


US.Jobs is a credible site with millions of job postings. US.Jobs does not include how many days or hours ago the job was posted. This, to me, is crucial. The amount of time the post has been available could be (and not always is) an indicator of the chances your application will get looked at.


Believe it or not, I have NOT given you all of the websites that you will be able to find job openings on. There are HUNDREDS more. This should get you off to a great start. Let us know below if you have ever found luck with any of these sites!!

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