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5 Job Interview Hacks That Will Get You An Offer

5 Job Interview Hacks That Will Get You An Offer

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking, but if done right, they can be used to sell yourself to the employer and get you the job. If you have a job interview coming up, you should be celebrating! That means you made the first cut in the process of being hired. Now, employers want to know specific things about you that make you right for the job. Here are 5 job interview hacks that will get you an offer.

1. Explain flaws and use them to demonstrate good qualities

There is never going to be the perfect person for the job. Everyone has flaws that make them imperfect, and employers know that there is likely not going to be a person who meets all criteria. In a job interview, it is up to you to explain your flaws. This can be a couple bad grades, a period of no commitments on your resume, or lack of experience. For example, if you have a low GPA, you can use this as a chance to explain why you were getting low grades. Perhaps it was a time of family dysfunction that required your attention. Explain that you had been through trying times and that unfortunately affected your GPA, but now you are past it. Connect the commitment it took to better your situation with the commitment that you will showcase if hired. This shows the employer that you have qualities that can improve a bad situation, something needed in every workplace. This is just one example, but the concept remains the same. Explain one of your faults using your good qualities, and how those qualities can contribute positively to the job.

5 Job Interview Hacks That Will Get You An Offer

2. Hype up your accomplishments

In any job interview, employers want any prospective employees to be confident about themselves. This shows that you would be confident doing the job they are looking to hire for. Don’t be afraid to really sell your accomplishments, and make the interviewer believe you are the best at what you do. If you were the top performer at your previous job, explain that the same level ambition you showcased then would be showcased if you were hired. If you made the dean’s list, explain how hard it was to get high grades and the level of commitment it took. The more you sell them on your accomplishments, the more willing they will be to hire you. No one else is going to stick up for you, it’s up to you to really sell yourself in the job interview. Who knows, someone may have better accomplishments than you, but if they didn’t sell themself in the job, they may go for you because you amplified your accomplishments. Overall, even if your accomplishments aren’t that noteworthy, make the most of them. Hype yourself up in the job interview, because no one will do it for you.

3. Don’t be afraid to admit that you don’t know

In a job interview, employers hate it when they can tell an interviewee is not telling the truth. If a job interviewer asks you a question about the job, and you genuinely don’t know, admit it! Say that you are not sure. Many interviewers will ask questions to see if you really know what you are talking about, and most can sniff out the bull crap. If you just make up an answer on the spot, they will know. Instead, admit you are not sure and explain that you would spend extra time on that concept during training. That way, you do not lose the credibility of the entire interview. If you are really selling yourself but then make up a bull crap answer over something you don’t know, the interviewer will then question everything else you have said. It’s better not to risk your credibility. Admitting you don’t know is going to give you the trust of your future employer. At the end of the day, you can learn something once you get hired, but you will never get hired if you lack credibility.

5 Job Interview Hacks That Will Get You An Offer

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4. Bring up connections

If you have connections at the place you are trying to get hired, make sure you bring that up during the job interview. Who you know is as important as what you can do, so if you can mention that you have a connection to the company, that can be the key to getting the job. Especially if you have a letter of recommendation, mention it again during the interview to make sure the interviewer has that on their mind. Overall, having a connection is one of the major keys to getting hired and instantly gets you points over anyone else. It builds your credibility as it shows the employer that you are trusted.

5. Personalize yourself

Finally, in a job interview, you must personalize yourself. Too often, people rely on their resume to tell the story of who they are, but really, that’s not enough. Employers want to know the applicable details of your life that could indicate that you are the right candidate. Perhaps explain certain qualities that make you a unique fit for the job. Explain life experiences that have taught you lessons that would better the company. Explaining an emotional connection to the job you are interviewing for is great to get the interviewer’s attention, as it shows you have a vested personal interest in getting hired. Explain that the passion you have will be used every day if you were to get hired for the betterment of the company. Overall, there are plenty of ways to personalize yourself in the job interview. So make sure you are going beyond what your resume says and show the interviewer the qualities they wouldn’t have otherwise known about you. This can set you apart from someone who has a better resume but lacks passion. Employers ultimately care about who will do a better job, not who has the most accomplishments.

5 Job Interview Hacks That Will Get You An Offer
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