6 Job Hacks/Tips To Know When Applying For Post-Grad

For many, graduation is only the beginning. Post-grad can be a pain to apply for, but don’t fret. We have come up with 6 job hacks to help get you prepared to start your next journey. Hopefully, these tips will make the transition into a post-grad as smooth as can be.

1. Start Looking 6 Months Prior

The best job hack of all is to do your research about post-grads well in advance. To be specific, give yourself at least 6 months before the deadline of the applications (which is usually the end of January) to look into different programs. Why? For many reasons. First, you may not know what interests you. Second, the degree or diploma you apply for may have extra requirements that might take time, such as getting a GMAT score. Third, most post-grad degrees require you to submit documents that will take a lot of time to receive. Lastly, if you only start looking closer to the general deadline you will be rushing yourself which might not result in submitting your best application.

6 Job Hacks To Know When Applying For Post-Grad

2. Referrals

The most crucial job hack is to seek out and find the referrals you need (if you need them) at least 3 months before the submission of your application. A tip is to tell your referrals an earlier date to submit their letters. For example, if the deadline is January 25th, tell your referrals that the deadline is January 18th instead. Especially if you’re asking a previous employer or a current professor- many of these people are busy. Due to their preoccupation, they sometimes forget to submit the letter or become hard to reach. By giving the referrals ample time to write these letters, and telling them an earlier due date, you are taking the necessary precautions to secure your required documents.

6 Job Hacks To Know When Applying For Post-Grad

3. Job Requirements

One major hack is to do your research and know whether or not you are going to have job requirements for your post-grad degree or diploma. For instance, does your continued education require you to have a portfolio or a specific amount of job experience in that field? While some ask for it, other programs do not require it. To ensure you qualify, find the contact information for the program and ask. It is always good to hear directly from a faculty member, as sometimes they do not add this information to the program admission requirements.

6 Job Hacks To Know When Applying For Post-Grad

4. GPA

This job hack sort of coincides with the others. You should look into the GPA requirement for the post-grad program you are applying for. To be specific, some programs require applicants to have a 3.33 GPA or higher in order to qualify.

5. Other Education Sources

At the same time, many continued education programs require a GPA or pre-credits from specific sources. For instance, if you completed a certificate after an undergraduate degree, they will only want your transcript from the undergrad, not the certificate. They may also ask for you to have completed specific courses in high school. If you did not take the specific course in high school, then you will be required to go back to high school and complete that required course before you apply.

6. Letters of Intent

Most post-grad programs require you to submit a letter of intent. A quick job hack is to treat it like a cover letter for your application. Some schools will actually give you guidelines or instructions on what to write. Nonetheless, you should write a letter of intent with the idea that you are selling yourself to the school. You are advertising to the program why they should approve your application.

6 Job Hacks To Know When Applying For Post-Grad

Applying for post-grad is always a pain, so we hope these 6 job hacks help soften the transition. Let us know how our tips helped you down below!

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