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8 Jewelry Staples To Upgrade Your Look

Jewelry, like most things in life, looks the best and speaks the loudest when it’s personally attractive to you. There are few rules in the fashion world about jewelry pieces to absolutely avoid at all costs. The only rule to follow in order to look and feel your best everyday in your staple jewelry pieces is that you have to love them. Take time to fill up your jewelry closet, don’t rush right into it. Over time, you’ll find that your pieces all fall together perfectly and complement every outfit. 

Oh, and once you find the staples, make sure you take care of them. I always say, invest more money into pieces that will last longer. Cheap jewelry can look good but wont last long and may turn your skin green. If you’re looking to start your jewelry collection from scratch, I have the perfect list below for you to help make a checklist of must have basic pieces.

1. Gold Hoops

A staple in everyone’s wardrobe should be a pair of gold hoops. Actually, just one pair wouldn’t do hoops justice. I suggest having different pairs that vary in thickness and size so you have the proper statement hoop for any occasion. If you’re just starting your love affair with hoop earrings, I suggest a basic chunky gold hoop on the smaller side. This will be a classic piece that will upgrade all of your looks.

2. Rings

Ring’s are the perfect statement jewelry piece. When it comes to rings, you can learn a lot about a person by what their rings are like. Do you wear vintage silver rings with gem tones? Or, are you all about a staple gold ring with dainty diamond tones? Do you cover every finger with rings or only wear your engagement ring? There is no right or wrong answer to these questions, they’re all just simply different ways to show off who you are. Over time, the more rings you buy, the more your collection will expand and more options you’ll have to switch it up. Don’t listen to anyone that tells you you have to stick with the same jewelry everyday, you can switch it up during the day if your heart desires. 

3. Layer Necklaces

Depending on the occasion, one dainty necklace can be a perfect addition to your outfit. Other times, you’ll want a chunky necklace to make a statement. Personally, for day to day wear, I love to pick two or three of my favorite, meaningful necklaces to layer on top of one another. If you balance the lengths perfectly, you won’t have any issues with tangling necklaces. Plus, layered necklaces always give you a perfect excuse to wear a plunging V- neck top that not only shows your chains, but some cleavage too. Yes, cleavage is absolutely an accessory. 

4. Ear Party

 A totally hot look right now is having all of your ear piercings top to bottom flow together perfectly. This is the “ear party” look that people have been raving about. I like this trend because you also are left with unlimited options. Some people have turned their ear party into something different by spelling out words or their initials on their ears. Another classic look is an ear full of hoops of all sizes. 

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5. Watch Or Arm Candy

Personally, depending on my mood, sometimes I don’t want to have anything on my wrists. When I am getting dolled up or just want to try something different, I think an accessory on the wrist makes a huge statement. A watch can give you a very business casual vibe or can make a feminine dress have a slightly masculine energy come from it. If you’re not feeling a watch, you can always try a dainty bracelet or a chunky chain link bracelet like the classic “Tiffany” lock bracelet. No matter what bracelets or arm candy you have, you will look fully elevated in your look when they peak out from under your sleeve.

6. Chain Earring

Chain Earrings attach in your ear and from the back but hang down almost like a hoop. Not only do they give off a classic hoop vibe, you can layer chain earrings through multiple holes for an elevated chic look. I usually switch between my day to day earrings and use chain earrings when I want to switch things up. 

7. Chunky Diamond Ring

A few months back there was a huge trend for colorful baguette fake diamond rings going around. Although I think this trend is still in style, I personally don’t like to pull off colorful accessories on a day to day basis. For that reason, I hold on to the style of the ring but aim for a classic diamond color. I am normally a gold wearer but for this ring, I have all the silver. Don’t ever be afraid to mix metals! 

8. Body Chain

If you want to spice up your outfit, especially in the summer, a body chain is a perfect addition to any look. Body chains are a great way to give off the vibe that not only are you super fashionable, but you’re confident. It takes guts to wear an accessory that directly attracts attention to your stomach area but to most people’s surprise, body chains give off the perfect look for all body types and add the perfect curve- shaping style. Trust in your body and confidence and show off your body chain. Sometimes, all you need to do is let it peak out a tiny bit under your clothing to look totally fashion forward. 

As I said before, never be afraid to mix metals or add your personal flare to things. Everything looks better when you feel confident. Jewelery is the perfect way to look pulled together no matter what you are wearing. Try out different styles and share your photos below. Fashion trends are always changing, so when you find new hot trends, comment down below so we can both stay up and looking bold.

Jenna Summer

Jenna Summer is twenty-something spending her days exploring New York City and chasing her dreams. As a recent graduate from The American Musical & Dramatic Academy, Jenna has been spending her time in the city itching to perform. She has performed Stand Up Comedy at many comedy clubs around the city as well as performing in sketch shows and cabarets with Upright Citizens Brigade and Others. During her time in school, she also fell in love with writing. Her goal is to be able to use her voice to inspire, entertain, and make people laugh.

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