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15 Jewelry Staples To Elevate Your Outfits

Jewelry staples will make or break your outfit. Everyone has that one piece of jewelry they need to wear on a daily basis – whether this consists of rings, that one chain, or an anklet, your jewelry staple makes you unique! If you’re looking for a new staple to add to your everyday outfits, look no further. This list details some amazing, simple pieces that will go with any look.

1. Gold Amaris Bracelet

This simple yet gorgeous golden cuff bracelet would pair perfectly with any of your outfits! You can stack and layer this bracelet in any fashion you’d like. The rhinestone details on the side of the bracelet add to the stunning finish of this jewelry piece. Put this on for an everyday look, or save it for a special occasion. Either way, it’s bound to make an impression.

2. Baroque Pearl Necklace

If you’re a fan of pearls and you’re looking for something you can wear on a daily basis, this pearl necklace is perfect for you. The simplicity of this necklace makes it the perfect staple to layer or wear on its own. Elevate the look by pairing it with some gold hoop earrings, or match it up with pearl earrings.

3. Baby Pavé Cuban Link Anklet

Anklets are a super easy way to elevate your look without going all out. This Cuban link anklet comes in silver, gold, or rose gold. Pick any color you’d like and slip it on before you leave the house! This anklet would stand out more by wearing low-rise socks with high tops or a low shoe. The authentic CZ stones will have this anklet shining in the light, and it won’t turn your skin green!

4. The Eir Necklace

Snakes represent power and protection. The Eir necklace is named after the goddess of healing, which is fitting for the snake design itself. If you’re into authentic Greek and Egyptian jewelry, give this piece a try! You can get this necklace in bronze or silver on either a long chain or a neck cuff. The Anna Monet website also includes a matching bracelet as well as earrings if you want to complete the look.

5. Gold Heart Beat Line Earrings

Maybe you’re in search of a pair of earrings you can wear everyday. If so, the gold heart beat line earrings would make a great addition to your collection! These earrings are unique – you don’t see many people wearing heart beat lines everyday. The lightweight design paired with its simple elegance make this a necessary jewelry staple to try out. Get the earrings in 14K gold or sterling silver.

6. Reggie Chain

If you really want to stay on the simple side and you need a cheap yet authentic chain, try the Reggie chain! Most chains go for $100+, but this one sits at a more reasonable $42. This is the type of basic chain you can wear every single day with any and every outfit. Layer the chain with more interesting necklace pieces, or wear it on its own! You can get the chain in gold or silver in a shorter design or longer design.

7. Ruby Ring Gold

This next stunning piece is a great staple to add to your collection. The gold ruby ring (pictured on the pinky finger of the left hand) runs from size 4 all the way up to size 10, making it perfect for anyone’s fingers. Rings stand out with any outfit – after all, throughout the day you’re gonna be using your hands more than anything else! Consider the ruby ring in all its beautiful simplicity.

8. Silver Cuban Curb Chain Bracelet

If you want a chunkier, in-your-face jewelry staple, this chain bracelet is exactly that! Coming in a variety of different sizes to fit any wrist, this silver bracelet would pair well with a chain necklace. Layer it up with a variety of bracelet designs. Regardless of how you decide to pair and style it, this is a great bracelet to wear at all times for any occasion. On the plus side, this bracelet comes from an Etsy shop, so you’d be shopping sustainable and small!

9. Mini Crystal Gold Huggie Hoop Earrings

Looking for hoops that aren’t too uncomfortably large? These are the exact opposite of large! These mini hoops are the perfect staple to add to your collection. They’re tiny, comfortable, and subtle. The gorgeous rhinestone crystals on the side of the hoops will add a small hint of elegance to your overall look.

10. Gold Initial Ring

What doesn’t scream staple other than a jewelry piece with your own initials? This gold initial ring is great as a gift for someone else, but more importantly, you can get one (or two) for yourself! Grab a ring with your first letter initial, or another to include both of your initials. This ring works well in any setting with any outfit.

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11. Layer Necklace Set

Skip the pains of spending a ton of money on multiple necklaces by buying a layer necklace set. The set include a rope chain, snake chain, and a medallion necklace. This piece includes all your essential chains to complete your outfit. Of course, you can still buy any of the chains separately if you’d like, or you can buy the full set to go with a stacked look! This is another necklace coming from an Etsy shop, which is a plus!

12. Silver Birthstone Necklace

One of my personal favorite jewelry staples is the birthstone ring my mother got me. Birthstone pieces are personal in nature, making them a great jewelry staple. Try this silver birthstone necklace! The great thing about this necklace is that you can pick up 12 stones to put on it. Include a stone for every member of your family to give the necklace a deeper meaning. The necklace comes in silver, gold, or rose gold. The birthstones aren’t too big either, so the necklace isn’t overbearing.

13. Heart Shape Beaded Necklace

Keeping it on the colorful side of things, this heart shape beaded necklace is a cute, alternative look to any simple chain. The necklace consists of flower-print beads, pearls, and a gorgeous heart pendant at the forefront of it all. The boho style of the necklace gives it the perfect, unique flair to go with any outfit choice.

14. Isadora Body Chain

With spring just around the corner, warmer weather is on its way. Spice things up by buying a body chain! Body chains tend to have a necklace piece that wraps around your neck with a chain going down your chest and stomach, then ultimately wrapping around your waist. This piece would be perfect for warm weather as you can really show it off by wearing a cut-off tank. Make this your next jewelry staple if you’re looking for something different.

15. The Born To Fly Necklace

Pendants provide the perfect staple for any look. This angel pendant necklace is a gorgeous piece that will elevate any look. Donned on a simple chain, this necklace can be layered to take your outfit to the next level. The size of the chain ranges from 16″ to 22″ for a longer style.

Which jewelry staple will you be adding to your collection? Leave a comment with your favorite piece!

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