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10 Jeans To Wear With Your Fall Booties

When it comes to buying shoes, I always seem to be drawn to the booties, even in seasons that you don’t normally wear them. But I feel like they go with so many different kinds of outfits, especially when wearing jeans. Jeans go with booties the best and there is such a huge variety of jeans that seem to be made to go with booties.

If you just bought yourself some fall booties and are wondering what kinds of jeans match with them the best, I got you covered. Though there are particular jeans that go best with booties, which I cover, you should be able to match booties with literally any kind of jeans and that is what is best about them!

So, as promised, here are ten of the best jeans to go with your adorable fall booties.

1. Cropped Bell Bottom Jeans

Bell bottoms, or boot-cut jeans, are made to be worn with boots, hence the name boot-cut jeans. The really nice thing about these jeans is they are cropped, so they draw more focus to your booties than the normal, longer boot-cut jeans.

These jeans have a little more of a unique design as the pockets in the front of the jeans resemble the kinds of pockets you would normally see on the back. These jeans are high wasted as they go three buttons high. These jeans have character and as the eye follows the jeans down, they bring more focus to your adorable footwear.

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2. Straight Rolled Up Jeans With Holes

A lot of the time when wearing booties, you want to show them off as much as possible, so rolling up pant legs is normal, but there are jeans that you can do that yourself or are bought that way. These jeans come rolled up. They are straight jeans which means they do not hug your body as much but keep close to you enough that they don’t seem baggy.

I love jeans with holes in them. My grandfather always makes fun of me when I wear jeans with holes, but I just have to keep telling him that it is the fashion now. Holes don’t take away from the jeans at all, it gives them character and adds such a unique look to the style.

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3. Light Bell Bottom Jeans

These long bell bottoms are jeans you want to wear booties that have a little heal to them. With the long material that stretches out at the bottom, it will make you look taller and has a slimming effect since the waist hugs your body and the bottoms flare out.

These jeans are a lighter wash which is such a cute look when wearing booties that are beige or a light brown. Like the photo below, wear a darker top to counterbalance the lightness of the jeans, and then those neutral-colored boots will bring the whole outfit together.

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4. Light Washed Cropped Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are probably the most popular kinds of jeans nowadays, and the most common to wear with booties. These particular jeans are cropped so that the bootie can be shown as much as possible. The holes open the knees up for so flexibility but also just to add to the super cute style of the jeans.

These jeans are also a lighter wash and like said before, a darker top with light boots or a lighter top with dark boots will create a nice off-balance of shading but ties the whole outfit together nicely.

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5. Light Washed Skinny Jeans

These light washed skinny jeans are perfectly matched with the warm colors of yellow and orange in this picture to balance out the cold color the jeans give off. Again, we see the rolled-up look that draws more attention to the booties, which is exactly what you want! They are high waisted jeans that are great to wear with a cropped shirt, or a shirt to tuck in.

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6. Skinny Frayed Blue Jeans

These jeans have a nice blue shade to them and like the photo, should be paired with a lighter top and neutral booties. These jeans are not as tight as regular skinny jeans, but they still hug the body like skinny jeans do.

The bottoms of the jeans are just slightly frayed and depending on what booties and top you match with them, the fray gives a kind of boho look to the style.

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7. Black Bell-bottom Jeans

More bell-bottom jeans. You know what that means, heeled booties! With these kinds of jeans, the effect they are trying to give is making you look taller, so try to assist that buy wearing booties that already have heels to them.

Black jeans go with practically anything. If you are looking to go with a darker outfit, wear lighter or super bright booties to off-set that darker look. It will bring that pop of color out that the outfit needs.

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8. Straight Frayed Cropped Jeans

The jeans are so cute! They are a straight jean with cropped and frayed bottoms. The cropped look like I’ve said before, draw more focus to the booties themselves and the frayed bottoms give off a super cute grungy look. The jeans in the photo also have a bit of a flare look to them, but the ones I found are more straight giving a nice fit, but also not being super tight like skinny jeans.

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9. Dark Blue Skinny Jeans Rolled Up

These jeans are a nice deep blue that, like in the photo below, match really well with lighter booties. The rolled-up bottoms draw more focus to the footwear and also create a cute preppy look. With fall being the main season to wear booties, match these jeans with a loose sweater or jacket. The jeans hug your body pretty tightly so set that off by wearing a more baggy top.

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10. Black Skinny Jeans With Holes

You can never go wrong with another pair of skinny jeans, especially black skinny jeans. Black goes with so many colors and when it comes to wearing booties, wear a super bright color to counter the dark shade of the jeans.

The bottom hems of the jeans are a bit frayed which lets them stick out of the booties a bit more. The bigger holes in the knees are super cute, but open the jeans up from being too restricting. Again, these kinds of jeans go with so many different colors and styles, you can experiment with a lot of outfits in these jeans.

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Jeans are the perfect clothing item to wear when you plan on wearing booties, especially in the fall. Which pair of jeans do you think work best with fall booties? Tell us in the comments below!

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