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21 Japanese Soaking Tubs That Will Zen Up Your Space

Ever wanted to add something to your bathroom to make it more serene? Well, here in this article, I will be sharing with you some Japenese tubs that will help undoubtedly zen up your space!

1. Sanitary Ware Acrylic Tub

This beautiful tub will bring a modern feel back into your bathroom. It is very versatile and fits any decor style you are going for. There are many ways to implement this tub in your bathroom. Meaning, you can certainly have fun and do as you please while playing around with this tub design!

2. Stainless Steel Tub

A stainless steel tub will bring an edge to any bathroom design! It is different and out of the box. If you are looking for a Japenese soaking tub that will add a pop to your room, then this one is probably right for you!

3. Wooden Soaking Tub

Another stunning Japenese soaking tub is the one made from authentic wood. It is crafted to perfection and has a way of effortlessly zenning up your bathroom! If you are looking for a soaking tub that will bring a warm and comforting feeling into your home, you may want to consider this one!

4. Velletri Copper Tub

Looking to be different and bring some variety into your home. Well, the Velletri Copper soaking tub seems up your ally. This amazingly designed tub will change your bathroom for the better! It will easily add a unique element to your bathroom entirely.

5. A Custom Made Wooden Tub

There are many different Japenese soaking tubs out there, and a lot of them are custom made. If you can not find exactly what you are looking for, consider getting a soaking tub custom made. This wooden tub shows how a particular idea can come to life!

6. Neptune Nagano Octogon Extra Deep Tub

Changing the shape of your soaking tub adds a beautiful uniqueness to your room! This Neptune tub design is a great option to put in your home! There is something about a bathroom that has unexpected touches in it. It brings the room to life!

7. Deep Square Tub

Here is another differently shaped tub that adds something special to your room! You may find it out of the box, but that is a good thing! This gorgeously designed tub will be perfect for a bathroom with some sleek and serene decor! This square, soaking tub, would be stunning in any bathroom!

8. Metal Round Freestanding Tub

Number eight is a beauty! This freestanding metal tub is sleek, classy, and effortless all at the same time! Many have found themselves falling in love with freestanding tubs because of its sleek and unique look. I personally must say that it is truly one of my favorites!

9. Sci-Fi Saucer Tub

Now, this one is out there! You may find this design to be too much or tacky, but others may find it to be rare and sophisticated. If you really want to make your bathroom stand out, then here is a great tub option to choose from! You will get every one of your guests talking!

10. UFO Bath

Can you say stunning or what! Want to zen up your house, then consider a UFO bath! It is elegant and brings calmness to your space! To be able to incorporate this tub into your bathroom, you must have a big enough room. If you do, then this stunning tub could transform your space for the better!

11. Rustic Wooden Tub

This next tub is a rustic wooden tub. The natural feel this tub puts off will undoubtedly zen up your bathroom. The wood brings an earthly and authentic sense to your space. It is full of beautiful detail and structure! Perfect for your natural-toned bathroom!

12. Built-In White Acrylic Tub

Here is another version of the circular acrylic tub! This version of the tub shows you that there are many different ways you can design the acrylic soaking tub into your bathroom. You do not have to want a natural-toned bathroom to get a Japanese soaking tub. Soaking tubs can fit into any style and design you have in mind!

13. White Oval Acrylic Tub

The white acrylic soaking tubs are the most popular tubs sold! It is easy to see why. People love an all-white bathroom and desire the tub to be freestanding to add to a sleeker and spacious element to their bathroom! You may find yourself loving this as well!

14. Stainless Steel Ofuro Tub

Another beautifully crafted stainless steel tub! The Ofuro tub is not like the others. The way it is designed to the spaciousness it holds, makes it stand out from the rest! If you are going for a more classic and modern bathroom, you may want to take a closer look at this great tub!

See Also

15. Black Marble Diamond Tub

This black marble diamond tub is definitely up there with the uniquely designed soaking tubs! This tub brings many different elements into a room! It is far from what you would normally think of a tub to be, but in the best way possible!

16. Acrylic Tub With Wooden Framework

Can’t have too much wood, right? Here is another wooden tub design. This is a little different from the rest because it has an acrylic lining in the inside as well as a more polished wood framework! Wood is found to always zen out your space more than any other material just because of its natural essence.

17. Copper Clawfoot Tub

This copper clawfoot tub is such a beauty to look at! It brings a vintage feel to your space! This is an unforgettable tub! It is full of uniqueness and tells its own story! This interesting design will definitely make your bathroom something special!

18. Tile Tub

Next, we have a tile Japenese soaking tub! Tile is what is commonly seen in bathroom designs. They add texture and vibrancy to any space! Here you can see how amazing it brings out the tub and the walls! 

19. Concrete Tub

Number 19 gives you a look at a concrete designed soaking tub! Concrete is not normally used in bathrooms. However, it adds a rustic look that most would love! The texture is a gorgeous element to have in your bathroom, I must say!

20.Outdoor Natural Stone Tub

The Outdoor Natural Stone Tub is absolutely stunning! There is no other way to say it! This tub adds so much to your space! Zen, creativity, culture, vibrancy, and we can go on and on! Definitely a beautiful design, to say the least!

21. Stone Tub

Here is another uniquely designed stone tub! What makes this Japanese soaking tub outstanding is the shape and structure of the tub! It is like nothing you have seen before, and if you choose to put this tub in your home, you will never go back to a normal tub! It is breathtaking!

Zen up your space with these Japenese soaking tubs! Share your favorite style of Japanese tubs listed, down in the comment section!

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