8 Jane The Virgin Quotes That Are Too Emotional For Words

Jane the Virgin is currently airing its fifth and final season on the CW network, and honestly, it’s been a long, dramatic and chaotic ride for Jane and her family. Between choosing between two wonderful men whom love her dearly, to family crises, to witnessing murders and covering up crimes, and of course becoming a mother while still a virgin, it’s been quite the rollercoaster for all characters and viewers involved.

To commemorate the show’s forthcoming end, we’ve compiled eight emotional quotes from the Jane the Virgin series that have left us in balls of emotion and crying profusely just like our beloved, sentimental Jane.

1. Mateo Gloriano Rogelio Solano-Villanueva

In the series’ first season finale, we see Jane go through a hectic labour experience, first going through false labour, and then going into actual labour. Rivals Michael and Rafael seem to argue about how to care for Jane, which causes tension for our pregnant Jane.

Jane finally gives birth to a baby boy, and the whole Villanueva family are there to celebrate the occasion. When Jane informs her family of her son’s name, the revelation brings tears to our eyes, when she names him after her late grandfather.

8 Jane The Virgin Quotes That Are Too Emotional For Words

2. Michael’s Spanish Vows

When Jane and Michael finally hold their wedding, Michael surprises us all by shockingly speaking Spanish as he recites his vows to Jane. Through a flashback scene that was never shown to us before this moment, we see Michael learning to say his vows in Spanish correctly from Jane’s Abuela.

This scene was so beautiful, because we are both reminded of how far Michael is willing to go in order to make Jane happy, and how much Jane’s family and culture mean to Michael.

8 Jane The Virgin Quotes That Are Too Emotional For Words

3. Long term Relationship with Grief

When Michael passes away, we fast forward four years into the future beyond the time Jane is left to deal with the loss of her first love and husband. We do, however, see some flashbacks of Jane’s depression after his death, to which her Abuela Alba becomes her source of wisdom and guidance, having dealt with the loss of her own husband many years earlier.

In this scene, Jane is lying in bed, crying to her Abuela, and Alba explains that with time, this pain will pass, but Jane will have to endure the grief as a long term relationship. Too many emotions are surfacing for us.

8 Jane The Virgin Quotes That Are Too Emotional For Words

4. I Am Gonna Need You To Let Her Take That Test

In Season 4, Xiomara is diagnosed with breast cancer which causes some obvious delays in her process to recovery. As she is dealing with the therapy, Alba has finally sought to gain her green card in the United States.

This has been an ongoing fear of Alba’s throughout the Jane The Virgin series, so of course, we’re going to feel emotional about this storyline! The Villanueva family is late to the embassy because of Xiomara’s inability to walk very fast, but with some heartfelt and emotional talking to from Xo, the embassy finally allows Alba to take the test.

8 Jane The Virgin Quotes That Are Too Emotional For Words

5. I Have This Feeling in My Chest Now

When Jane first learns that the telenovela star Rogelio De La Vega is her birth father, she has some trouble accepting him as her dad and furthermore, calling him ‘dad’. As she should be, she only just learned of his presence and existence when she was 23!

But when Jane finally calls him ‘dad’ we were all a little emotional. Especially when melodramatic Rogelio experiences some real feelings in his chest that he can’t properly label.

8 Jane The Virgin Quotes That Are Too Emotional For Words

6. Let’s Bet On Your Dream Now

Rafael and Jane’s relationship was a slow burn, but once they settled their differences we were totally on board with this Jane the Virgin ship. When Rafael decides to put his own dreams on hold in the hope that maybe Jane can focus on her own and become the writer she wants to be, and he could help her achieve these dreams, we totally cried with them.

8 Jane The Virgin Quotes That Are Too Emotional For Words

7. A Moment Like This

When Jane is unable to attend her graduation due to being in labour and being held on complete and utter bedrest, Xiomara and Jane share a heartfelt conversation about all of Jane’s achievements. Xiomara becomes emotional and says that she hopes Jane can experience the same feeling she is having, the feeling of being proud of a child as a parent. Oh, Xo!

8 Jane The Virgin Quotes That Are Too Emotional For Words

8. Snow Falling

Okay, we’re aware this last one isn’t exactly a quote, but this is probably one of the most emotional scenes of Jane the Virgin. When we are transported four years after the death of Michael, we learn that Jane is about to become a published author, but we’re unaware what the book deals with or what it’s about.

When we finally see Jane’s book launch, we see the title ‘Snow Falling’ and then we see Jane imagine the art of the book displaying Jane and Michael. Too much nostalgia and emotion!

8 Jane The Virgin Quotes That Are Too Emotional For Words

Which Jane the Virgin quote is the most emotional for you? Let us know in the comments down below!

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