What It’s Like to Rush When You Didn’t Expect To Join Greek Life

What It’s Like to Rush When You Didn't Expect To Join Greek Life

Growing up in my household, I was told to “go Greek.” My dad is proudly a Greek alumni of his fraternity and still stays connected with his brothers till this day over 30 years later. My mom, even though she was not part of a sorority, also was involved in Greek life as a little sister to a fraternity at her neighboring university. I thought, “My brothers decided not to rush, so why should I?” The thought of joining a sorority had me running for the hills. I was convinced that it was not my scene of people and would be just like the stereotypes; cliche cookie cutter individuals who just like to party. Lets just say I was extremely wrong. So, below I will explain what it’s like to rush when you didn’t expect to join Greek life!


It has only been a month and I am head over heels in love with my chapter. I couldn’t have asked for a better fit and group of ladies to journey through my college experience with. They aren’t joking when they say that your sisters are for life and will pick you up when you are down or need a hand. I have had countless interactions with not only ladies from my pledge class, but from previous years too. Most of them are willing to meet and help me further myself academically and socially, make me laugh, and also listen to me vent when I need it. This type of system is key to my success on a campus that is so large. This huge campus actually feels like home now, thanks to my chapter.


I went through spring rush at CU Boulder, not having a darn clue which house I wanted to be part of. However, I trusted the process and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. My sorority, Alpha Chi Omega, especially speaks to me. Our saying is that “We Are Real. Strong. Women.” Strength is something I had to endure a lot this past year after experiencing a traumatic car accident, so I hold this phrase close to my heart. I soon learned more and more about my sorority that makes it feel like home. I fall more in love with it and the ladies each day.

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Regardless of which sorority you think you want to join, I believe that going into the system with an open mind is so important. At the end of the day, it is not the rank of the house that should matter, but instead, the history, ladies and sense of community that each house brings that makes it special to each potential new member. No one house will feel like ‘home’ to everyone even if it is the top. My advice to anyone considering rushing; give it a chance and be open to the choices handed your way. When you least expect it, that girl you met only a month ago at recruitment will now be, not only your sister, but someone you can call a best friend for life. 

Do you have any experiences you would like to share about what it’s like to rush when you didn’t expect to join Greek life? Share in the comments below!
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