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5 Items You Should Never-Ever Buy Cheap

5 Items You Should Never-Ever Buy Cheap

We put together a list of the 5 items you should never-ever buy cheap - read it and treasure it, you'll thank us later. Quality is important!

Spending large amounts of money on clothes can be the greatest pleasure for some and the scariest nightmare for others. Yet, everybody likes a good deal. But money isn’t the only factor that contributes to qualifying a deal as “good”: in the deal equation, quality is as important as money, if not more. Higher quality means a lower amount of “money spent per use” ratio, which translates into the simplified version “it lasts longer”. Ideally, every purchase of ours should be made following this golden rule, but our wallets might soon feel the financial pressure. There are some things in fashion, though, that for one reason or the other you just can’t buy cheap! We put together a list of the 5 items you should never-ever buy cheap – read it and treasure it, you’ll thank us later.

(Lacey) Underwear

The premise here is that you should never buy cheap underwear, in general. Aside from the usually unattractive looks of it – loose fits, unpleasant textures, ugly prints – you should remember that cheap also means poor quality of fabric, which could seriously irritate your intimate regions and cause harm to your personal wellbeing. On top of that, don’t buy cheap lacey underwear: first of all, it really shows; second, the lacey nature of the fabric – which usually is mostly synthetic – is more likely to irritate your skin.

5 Items You Should Never-Ever Buy Cheap

Satin Dresses & Blouses

Satin is the perfect alternative to silk, as it creates the same effect while saving you a good amount of money. There is satin and then there is satin, though. The reason why you should never buy cheap satin dresses or blouses is merely aesthetic: you really can tell both that it’s not silk and also that it is poorly made. The brightness of the fabric and its feeling at touch are clear indicators of whether it is good or bad satin. Soft and semi-opaque equals good satin, rigid and too bright means it’s probably not a good idea to purchase it.

5 Items You Should Never-Ever Buy Cheap

Woolen Sweaters, Cardigans, and Dresses

One word to explain it all: pilling. It doesn’t matter how soft it feels, how nice it looks and how badly you want it, if it’s cheap, it will pill – and soon you’ll have to make a quick trip to the trashcan. Rather than buying twenty or so sweaters per season, invest in two or three qualitatively excellent ones. They’ll last in the years, they won’t pill and they’ll keep you warm.

5 Items You Should Never-Ever Buy Cheap

Heels – Especially Sandals

Cheap heels will either cause you blisters – again, poor fabric – or they’ll leave you flat on the ground, as in “without the actual heel”. Cheap heeled sandals are even more dangerous, as sandals are more unstable per se. Don’t be a threat to yourself, don’t indulge in low-quality heels!

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5 Items You Should Never-Ever Buy Cheap

Embellished Jewelry

Jewelry is something you shouldn’t try to save on. If it’s too expensive, it’s better not to wear it at all: a nude look is always classy. When you find yourself attracted to those fake gemstones that are, in reality, probably made of plastic, slap your own hands and put down the wallet. They are so, so not worth it – even if we’re talking about a few bucks!

5 Items You Should Never-Ever Buy Cheap

Have you ever bought any of these items for cheap? Let us know in the comments below!

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