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8 Items You Really Have To Remember Packing Before Camping

8 Items You Really Have To Remember Packing Before Camping

8 Items You Really Have To Remember Packing Before Camping

First time camping and a bit unsure you’ve packed all the things you might need on your camping trip away? Here’s a quick checklist of the 8 items I think every camper needs to bring along to the campsite.

1. Clothing And Shoes For The Climate And Environment

Before heading off to your camping trip away, make sure you check out the weather forecast for your time there and plan ahead, by packing the right clothing and footwear. If there’s a chance or two of rain always pack gear for the wetter weather, always remember you can’t just drive back home and grab that raincoat. Along with this plan out your day trips and what physical activity they require, therefore this will ensure you pack the correct footwear and clothing, there’s no way you can go for a hike safely in a pair of thongs.

8 Items You Really Have To Remember Packing Before Camping

2.Plenty Of Insect Repellant

With the outdoors comes all of mother natures creatures including insects. Whether you’re camping near the beach or in the bush you’re sure to come into contact with them. To avoid a nasty bite make sure you pack a lot of insect repellant, and if you know you’re camping in an area that is insect infested, why not get an insect net for a good nights sleep, without any nasty morning surprises.

3. Pack A Shade

Camping is all about getting closer to nature and what better way to do this by getting out of that tent as much as possible, However, the weather is something that can be unpredictable, from scorching hot days to rain, either could get you running back into that tent. Because of this make sure you pack a shade, that way you can sit outside of the tent and take in the beautiful nature till the challenging weather has passed.

4. Calculate How Much Water You Will Need And Always Pack A Little Extra

This one is important if you are camping in a remote area that doesn’t have access to running fresh water. Water is vital to our survival and because of this, you should always ensure you’ve calculated correctly, including water that may be needed for cleaning something up or brushing your teeth.

8 Items You Really Have To Remember Packing Before Camping

5. Take A Power Bank

For most, camping is about getting outdoors and escaping reality, so the idea of being on your phone the whole time isn’t going to cross many of you twice. However, make sure you do take a power bank as you should always have access to a phone for safety reasons. Along with this, some other electronic appliances that you’ve brought along may need a charge up on day three of your camping trip.

6. A Safety Kit Is A Must

So you’re camping and although you’re going there for a great time you should always be prepared for the unprecedented. Packing a safety kit is a must on every camping trip; always make sure you’ve chosen one that fits any injuries that are possible in the area you are camping in.

7. Pack A Torch

No matter where you’re camping a torch is essential. You might not think much of this item, but when its pitch black in the night and you need to go the bathroom you’re going to thank your lucky stars that you packed a torch.

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8 Items You Really Have To Remember Packing Before Camping

8. A Happy Camper Attitude

Lucky last I’ve included a happy camper attitude as nobody likes an unhappy camper. To make the most out of any camping experience you need to go with the right attitude and mind frame. Take this trip as a world of opportunities and actually go with the right positive attitude to enjoy the outdoors. Along with this be open to the connecting with nature and its beauty, and if where you are camping has reception, stay true to ditching social media

That’s my 8 must pack items before heading to your camping destination and pitching a tent. If you think I’ve left any out, I would love to hear in the comment section below.

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