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10 Items You Need To Start A Podcast

Are you and your friends looking to start a podcast? Here are ten items you need to create your podcast.

1. Microphone

Starting a podcast by yourself or with your friends can be intimidating and confusing at first, but there are many items you need to get your podcast up and functional. One of the main items that every podcast needs to have is a microphone. A microphone is a critical piece to starting a podcast because it is the object in which podcasters can talk into and record their voices and audio segments. A quality microphone helps record podcast audio sound professional and crisp while talking while constructing and producing a podcast.

2. Headphones

Another item that perspective podcasters need to have while starting a podcast is a quality set of headphones. Without headphones, people can not hear what they sound like while talking and what others say on their podcast while talking. You can use different types of headphones to start a podcast, beats by Dre, Apple lighting pods, and air pods, but any set of headphones will do the trick when starting off to create a podcast.

3. Pop filter

Like most podcasts and audio segments, the audio needs to be clean, clear, and crisp for the listener to understand while listening to the specific audio. One tool that every perspective podcaster needs to have is a pop filter. A pop filter is crucial to a podcast because it drowns out a lot of unnecessary noise in the area and sharpens up the audio and the voice of whoever is talking into the microphone. Pop filters make audio for podcasts sound crisp and clear for all listeners to enjoy.


4. Tri-pod

There are many different types of podcasts that people can create. Some people enjoy recording only an audio podcast, while others want to record a video and audio podcast or vlog. For this instance, if you are looking to start a video blog or video podcast, you will need a steady camera. One item that will help with having a regular stable camera is a Tri-pod. This item is crucial to a video podcast or video blog because it will allow people to tape a segment in any different surroundings and atmospheres. Tri-pods are lightweight, efficient, and are very useful when shooting a video podcast or video blog.

5. Light fixture

People use many items to get their video segments perfect lighting while shooting a video segment. One thing that everyone should use while producing a video segment or podcast is to have a light fixture. A light fixture allows those shooting film and video to have the perfect light and video fixture. Using a light fixture gives the audience the ability to see perfectly in their video without any dim or uninviting light. The light in video podcasts is essential because people need to see the person or people talking on the podcast. In dark light, viewers will have a difficult time seeing the person on video.

6. Mixer

People need to have many items when recording, filming, editing, and producing a podcast to be the precisely perfect sound they have envisioned for their podcast. When preparing for a podcast, plain audio does not always sound the way podcasters had expected the way the audio would sound after recording the podcast. One way to editing and fix sound is by having an audio mixer. A mixer is a great tool a podcaster can use to lower ambient noise that is distracting to the listener, raise and lower the volume of the voice, and make the audio crisp and clean for the listener to hear.

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7. Charger

Starting a podcast is simple when you have the right equipment and technology. To create a podcast, you have to be somewhat technologically sound and advanced. Podcasts can be a long and tedious process that uses a lot of physical and mental energy. There will be long nights and days on your computer perfecting the perfect sound for the specific podcast. You will need good battery life and a charger to make sure all your equipment has enough charge to get you through your podcast session without losing battery life during one of the segments.

8. Audio / Video Editor

A significant aspect of conducting and producing a podcast is making the sounds crisp, clean, and professional. There is a lot of audio and video editing software out in the market that will allow people to edit and produce their audio and visual podcast segments. One excellent computer software that everyone should have when creating podcast segments is Adobe Creative Cloud software. This software makes producing podcasts easy and straightforward by recording, producing, and editing audio content to their liking. This software will help podcasters make their podcast sound professional and clean.

9. Notes

There are a lot of items that will help podcasters when it comes to creating a podcast. One aspect crucial to creating a podcast is a secure platform to write down notes and ideas for the podcast. It isn’t easy to get through a podcast recording without having any notes for the podcast. Notes give people an outline and a direction of the topic and direction of the podcast. Notes allow people to be prepared and ready for the podcast. Podcasters use note cards compared to those who do not sound more professional than those who speak without any notes or guide. Notes make podcasts sound clean and crisp.

10. Laptop / Tablet

A crucial part of starting a podcast is keeping all of your documents and audio in one safe place. One way people can keep their critical information for their podcast segments is on a computer or tablet. Starting a podcast can be tricky and complicated when coming up with a topic, recording audio or video, editing, and producing sound or video. For those who want to go through that process of creating a podcast, you will need a technologically advanced computer with all the latest software and equipment to store all your information and audio for your podcast.

Those are a few items that people need to start a podcast. Do you like our recommendations? Let us know in the comments below.

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