7 Items You Must Have During Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is here and if you live near the coast, the you already knew that. It’s easy to underestimate the power of a hurricane, but don’t be fooled, because they will destroy anything in their path. Hurricane Ike (2008) mainly affected Cuba and Texas; Hurricane Ike destroyed many homes and left some people stranded. It’s important that you are prepared for hurricane season, so, here are seven items that you must have during hurricane season.

1. Battery Powered fan

No power means no air conditioning. During a hurricane, it’s inevitable that your house will lose power, and because hurricane season starts in June and can last through November, it’ll get hot. You’ll definitely want to invest in a battery powered fan, just make sure that you buy extra batteries! To purchase a battery powered fan, then head on over to Walmart.

*7 Items You Must Have During Hurricane Season

2. Food & Water

This one is a no brainer! You will obviously need food and water and the more you stock up, the better. The last thing you would want is to you run out of food, because there is no telling when you’ll be able go out and get more. When it comes to water, you need to buy plenty of it, because that is the first thing that will sell out in stores. Also, it’s best to purchase foods that aren’t perishable, unless you have a cooler and an easy access to ice.

*7 Items You Must Have During Hurricane Season

3. Hygiene Essentials

There is nothing better than a cold shower! Even with a generator, you might not always be able to take a warm bath or shower. If you want to try and avoid a cold shower, then waterless shampoo and body wipes might be your saving grace. To further look into hygiene products, head on over to Target look at their collection of dry shampoos and body wipes.

*7 Items You Must Have During Hurricane Season

4. Gas

It’s important to gas up your car before a hurricane hits. There is always the potential for a mandatory evacuation, so prepare you car for that option. If it’s safe to say that you are enduring the hurricane from your home, then you make sure that you have everything you need and in order. For those that have a generator, don’t forget to fill up your gas cans.

*7 Items You Must Have During Hurricane Season

5. Entertainment

Without power, you won’t have the luxury of watching TV or the internet. It is essential that you make sure that you have some form of entertainment, especially if you have kids. So, break out the coloring books, games, and books, because you are going to need them. For more entertainment inspiration, head on over to Target.

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*7 Items You Must Have During Hurricane Season

6. First-Aid Kit

When a hurricane hits, you never know if it will permit you access to a hospital. It’s important to keep a first-aid kit somewhere in your house, in case if the unthinkable occurs at the wrong time. If you should ever have to evacuate your house, it’s important that you also have an emergency evacuation bag that is packed with matches, life pre-servers, food, etc. Head on over to The Red Cross for more information regarding your emergency survival kits.

*7 Items You Must Have During Hurricane Season

7. Flashlight/Candle

Candles and flashlights are the most common items found in houses and during hurricane season they are essential. The first thing you reach for when the power goes out is a flashlight, so it’s important that you have one that you can rely on. Candles are another great light source, but I recommend battery-operated candles, because they last longer and are safer. To purchase a high quality light source, head on over to Home Depot to look at their collection of candles and flashlights.

*7 Items You Must Have During Hurricane Season

We hope that you and your family are prepared for hurricane season. If you have any additions to this list or questions, please comment below.  

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