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Items To Have In Your Pocket During Finals

What’s important about the items in my pocket during your college finals? The exhausting feeling of taking finals. The feeling we all get when it comes to taking our finals can sometimes be over baring. No matter how much you may have studied, taking your class finals are very stressful. These items in your pocket will allow you to be a little bit more at ease while taking your class finals.

1. Pencil and or Pen

I remember this day as if it was yesterday. During my sophomore year, I had to take a final for my INSS class. I was somewhat optimistic as to how this test would go for me because this class was just so hard, and my professor was a huge pain. As soon as I walked into class, the professor screamed out, “Do not lend anyone any pencils. If you do, you will fail; people are supposed to come to their finals prepared”. I was in total shock because I didn’t have that pen or pencil. INSS was a computer class. Everything we did was on the computer. Luckily, I was very inconspicuous and received a pen from one of my friends

College sometimes makes a person forget about the traditional tools used in schools, such as a pen and a pencil. I don’t blame students changing from actually writing down notes on a piece of paper to a faster and more effective way. Using a laptop in class makes students note-taking much easier. People can type faster than they can write nowadays. When technology is involved, sometimes we find out that it isn’t working for various reasons, that issue sucks when it is around finals time.  If that happens, professors usually are quick to adapt and print out your work on sheets of paper. The problem with this is you may have thought your exam was going to take place on a computer screen, but you eventually find out that is not the case, and now it’s too late. Finals are a very strict period of time. The professors are trying to find multiple avenues to stop cheating. Talking is considered cheating. Well if that’s the case, how can you get a pen or a pencil. You can ask the professor for a pen or a pencil. Depending on the professor, that may not be a question you may want to ask.  I learned a valuable lesson that day in that class, always bring a pen or a pencil because if I weren’t lucky, I would’ve failed that class.

2. Snacks

In the middle of a test, one student looks over at another student pulling a tater-tot out his pocket and begins to eat it. The student leans over and asks, “Hey, Napoleon give me some of your tots” “No! Go get your own” “C’mon, give me some of your tots.” “No, I’m freaking starving. I didn’t get to eat anything today” Due to the student not receiving any tots from the other student, he decides to kick the other student’s leg and smashes the tater tots. The scene is from the 2004 classic movie known as Napoleon Dynamite.

Although this was just a funny scene in a movie, Napoleon was on to something when he decided to have some food in his pocket. I’m not saying bring cooked food with you in your pocket but have some form of small snack or piece of candy in your pocket. Bring something little like a candy bar, protein bar, and gum. Nothing, and I mean nothing is worse than taking your seat at your desk, right before the hour-long exam starts, and your stomach growls because you haven’t had anything to eat for hours.  Most professors and classrooms have the “no eating and drinking” policy. So if the professor enforces that system, bring a bottle of water and a small piece of candy. The procedure is mostly a concern because students will eat a full-blown meal in the middle of class. By the time its time for you to take your final, one should know what their professor allows and doesn’t allow. If all else fails, make sure you eat before you take the exam.

3. Calculator

Imagine walking into class to take your final, and the first thing you here once you arrive is your professor saying, “All right class, it is time to take your final math and or science today. I need you guys to take out a pen or pencil. You may be able to use your calculator. One student raises their hand and asks, ” Professor, may I use my phone as my calculator”? The professor responds, “No, you may not; only a standard-issue calculator can be authorized to use during this exam.”

See Also

Have you ever been in a situation like the one I mentioned? Well, I have been in that same situation more often then one would expect. Who wants to buy a calculator for school. When you have access to an app on your phone, that does the same thing.  For me, I was a journalism major, so math wasn’t a massive subject for me when it came to studying. And for that same reason, whenever I took a math test and or exam, I would always forget that I can’t use the calculator on my phone. Let’s get one thing straight; when I did study a countless amount of hours before my math and science finals, everything just went out the window once I sat down in front of that freshly printed thick spring-break looking packet titled your course finals. Please don’t end up in the same situation.

These items will make you more focused

These three items will not assure you a passing grade when taking your finals. That skill of passing can only be done by studying and truly applying yourself in your classes. Although these three items that I have told you about are items that should give the person who is taking their exam a sigh of relief. Worrying about fewer things when taking your final is always vital to passing.

Have you ever prepared for a final by putting things in your pocket? What did you have in your pocket? Let us know in the comments below!

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Derrell Riussell

Morgan State University Alumni. Military veteran.

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