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10 Items Perfect For Decorating Small Spaces

10 Items Perfect For Decorating Small Spaces

If you are decorating a small space you may get overwhelmed with how to get your personality into the area without it becoming crowded. We know that in tight spaces, cute decor that does double duty helps make the room your own without sacrificing space. Whether it is a dorm room, your first apartment or a room in a shared house, these 10 items are perfect to decorate a small space.

1. Multi-Purpose Or Folding Furniture

The first thing you should look for when it comes to decorating your small space is furniture that is useful for more than one thing. For example, many companies offer floating desks that when folded against the wall can display art, a mirror or a memo board. This allows you to have a workspace that you can personalize but also get out of the way for when you have guests. Another use is to use a folding desk for a small kitchen table if you have a dining/living room combo. Another multi-purpose furniture item you should look into is shelving that can be used as desks or tables, which are a great option if you have a lot of books but also need a coffee table to put your feet up while you read!

Finally, with new online furniture companies like Article and Blu Dot that specialize in custom options, you can check out their variety of options for folding furniture. It’s easy to find couches, loveseats and chairs that fold out for guests or if you want to take a nap!


2. Plants

A good rule of (green) thumb is to add plants to every space you decorate. Not only does it add an unexpected touch of brightness and charm but it also increases the amount of fresh air in a room. To decorate your small space with plants without there being a line of pots, consider using tall shelves and adding various sized plants in colorful pots. If you are worried about taking care of several plants, opt for one large one that promises to grow tall. The height of the plant will draw the eyes upwards, making the room seem bigger.

3. Tall Lighting

Everyone knows that a bright room looks bigger and if you are lacking in natural light, a tall floor lamp is a way to create height to the room and make your small space seem larger. If you are looking to double up on purpose, there are many options for lamps that double as shelves. Or, if the shelving is taken care of, you should look for a simple lamp that provides light without taking up too much floor space. A skinny floor lamp that fits behind your couch, table or chair does the trick while still maximizing your space.

4. Storage Beds and Couches

Whether you are looking to decorate a small living room or bedroom, you still need one focus piece of furniture. Luckily, there are solutions to allow you to get a regular-sized bed or couch but still have it work for your small space. For the bedroom, a bed that offers drawers is a space saver that still looks cute and is perfect for clothing, shoes and extra blankets. If you are looking for more storage, a bed with shelves comes in handy.


As mentioned above about folding furniture, a lot of companies have options for space savers including couches that offer storage in the cushions or couches with shelving underneath for a cute and practical place to sit!


Mirrors add depth and create the illusion of space to make a room feel bigger. No matter the size of the room, a variety of mirrors can do the trick. For longer or more narrow rooms, try a floor mirror that is tall and will provide height. If you are looking for more of a decor element, look into hanging mirrors or mirror sets to create interest while also serving a purpose.

To make the most of your mirrors, try to position them facing a window in order to reflect the most amount of light. As mentioned above, the lighter and brighter the room, the bigger it feels!


6. Corner Seating

The biggest tip in decorating a small space is to use all the space available to you. While corners are great for storage, plants or mirrors, you can also create adorable seating areas using the otherwise unused corner spaces. Whether you use a hanging chair to create height or a seat made for the corner with storage you can be sure that it will be useful and cute!

If you want to use furniture in the corner but it’s not an actual corner shaped piece, you can always put a normal loveseat or chair into the corner with a lamp behind it and make it into a cozy nook!

7. Hanging Lights

If you are looking to add more light and interest to your small space, try hanging lights or wall valences. Hanging lights, especially when they are at various heights will draw the eye up and leave more space on the floor for furniture, shelving and storage. A valence does a similar thing while also adding character to your walls.

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8. Collage Wall

Did you know that not only are collage walls fun, they are great to make your small space seem bigger while adding personality! To make a perfect gallery wall, get a variety of prints including photos, illustrations, records and tapestries that you love. Place them on the floor to figure out the verticle configuration to lengthen the room.

The best thing about collage walls is that you can constantly update them as your collection of art grows, just make sure to continue up on the wall as you get more!


9. Large Rugs

According to top designers, the right size rug can help your small space seem bigger. First, make sure that the rug is a larger size. A larger carpet creates the illusion of a larger room. Then, make sure that you choose a rug with a softer color to make the space seem open or darker colors to create a cozy atmosphere.

10. Corner shelves

The final item to help you decorate your small space is corner shelving. Cute shelving is the perfect way to display your tchotchkes, books and plants in a practical way that doubles as decor. Natural wood or boho style shelves are perfect for displaying your plants (as suggested above!)

If you are more into a modern design, open concept shelving can double as a side table if placed next to your couch or chair. Just make sure to provide coasters!


What are your favorite tips for decorating a small space? Comment below!