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8 Items Of Clothing For A Fab Day And Night Look

Deciding what to wear is one of the most complicated experiences of a girl’s life, because we always dress to impress, not only others, but ourselves. It’s even worse when we’re getting ready for a night out.

If only there were items of clothing perfect for both a day and night look. 

Whether if it’s going straight out to a few drinks with the gals after spending the day in the city or you just want something that would work for during the day and the night, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve compiled a list of items of clothing perfect for a day and night look! 

1. Lace Insert Cami Slip Dress – Lavish Alice

If you don’t have time to go home and change (or you just can’t be bothered), wear this dress in the morning and it will last you the entire day, even when you’re at a club! The sexiness of the slit is subtle due to the lace insert.

Pop on a denim jacket during the day to give it a more casual vibe.

And if you’re just looking for a dress that would work during the day and night, because you’ve got limited wardrobe space, then this is it for you.

Get it here:

2. Faux Leather Skirt – Missguided

A leather skirt is basically the holy trinity of day and night/day to night looks, because the skirt works in every and any occasion. It’s what you pair it with that will determine if you’re going out for a few drinks or to the mall.

Pair it with a crop top and sneakers for during the day and a low cut bodysuit for the evening.

Get it here:

3. Basic Slinky Skinny Flares – Boohoo

These pair of flared trousers are perfect in that they won’t break the bank. They’re comfortable and hugs the figure tightly. 

It’s perfect for that day and night look, because like with the leather skirt, it’s all about what you pair it with. Every item of clothing can be both day and night as long as the execution is carried out properly. 

Wear with high heels for when you’ve turned on party mode.

Get it here:

4. Mini Cami Slip Dress – ASOS

As opposed to the first slip dress mentioned in this list, this one is more easily adaptable to a day look. All you have to do is wear a white T-shirt underneath– you’ll be on-trend and comfortable!

If you’re about to spontaneously go out for a few drinks, just remove your white tee and place it in your bag. It’s less hassle as opposed to going back home and gives you more time for happy hour.

Get it here:

5. Light Wash Knee And Thigh Rip Boyfriend Jean – Pretty Little Thing

It’s not about how many pairs of jeans you own, but rather if you even own the right pair of jeans, to begin with. 

Yes, you might have skinny jeans, and yes they are perfect for both a day and night look. But to show that you’ve put in more effort into your outfit, a boyfriend jean is above the skinny jeans on the clothing tier. 

It’s flattering on everyone and comfortable. 

Get it here:

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6. Cut It Out Bodysuit In Taupe – Fashion Nova

A bodysuit is a girl’s best friend as well as a necessity in everyone’s closet. 

It goes with most bottoms and easily turned into a day look. Most people reserve bodysuits for the evening, but if you pair it with a casual pair of jeans, then it works for a day out with your Mom, as well. 

Get it here:

7. How Far I’ll Go Bodysuit In Yellow – Fashion Nova

As opposed to the previous bodysuit which is more reserved if we take the colour into consideration, this specific bodysuit gives a bright pop of colour wherever you are. 

It’s sure to make you stand out from the crowd and it’s got intricate detailing at the neck. Once again, you can pop on a denim jacket or a leather jacket during the day and remove it when it’s the evening. 

Get it here:

8. Denim Jacket – Noisy May

A denim jacket has been mentioned at least 3 times in this list, so we had to give it its own heading!

The perfect denim jacket is not up for discussion when it comes to purchasing one. It is the perfect day and night item, because it’s transferable. No matter what shade or cut it is, a denim jacket is compatible with every item of clothing. 

The denim jacket is the deciding factor in an outfit. The denim jacket decides whether you’re going out or going for brunch. 

Get it here:

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Let us know in the comments if we missed an important day and night item.

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