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10 Items From Amazon That Will Improve Your Lifestyle

10 Items From Amazon That Will Improve Your Lifestyle

Amazon has now become a very intricate part of our lives, mainly making everything so much easier because we can get everything we’ve ever dreamed off delivered to our door, it has also made us lazier but let’s not get to deep into that.

We have delved into the site to find some of the most interesting things that will improve your life style, so get clicking and buying. (None of the items are ridiculously expensive so don’t be worried).

1. Blue Light Filter Glasses

With technology taking over the world we need to protect ourselves. We expose our eyes to different screens for god knows how many hours, whether its watching TV and Netflix, or just on your phone or iPad, as well as your laptops, your eyes are slowly deteriorating. The amount of radiation and different types of rays our eyes are being exposed to, we have no idea what that damage could be doing in the long run.


One way of keeping our eyes safe and decreasing the amount of headaches you get is with these blue light filter glasses. They are designed to reduce the blue light that tires out our eyes and prevent further deterioration from over exertion of staring at a screen. After using them for a while not only will your eyes feel less tired, but you will also be able to fall asleep easier as your eyes are less strained.

2. Acupuncture Pressure Mat

Nowadays with everyone becoming more busy with work and school, or just general life, we neglect our health a bit. It isn’t always about exercising and eating a healthy diet, sometimes other measures are needed to ensure a healthy body. This acupuncture pressure mat not only improves blood circulation but also aids in reducing back pain, muscle tension, indigestion, arthritis and insomnia.  


Just spending 10 to 15 minutes a day on the mat will improve your lifestyle. You don’t even have to stop what you are doing, just pop it on the floor and step around on it, you’re best keeping your socks on as the spikes are more bearable this way. You can also place the mat on a chair and sit at your desk with it behind you, or even try practicing yoga on it if you’re brave.

3. Wireless Car Charger Mount

Our phones literally do everything nowadays, including using them to play music in the car and using it as a Sat-Nav. So we need a mount that is just as good, one that holds our phone up so we can see it but one that also charges it because on those long car journeys you’re going to need the battery life. 


Just attach this mount to the fan shutters and away you go. 

4. Strawbit 

With the removal of plastic straws from most restaurants/cafes/bars etc. including McDonalds, in an attempt to the save the planet, why not go one step further and get yourself your very own reusable straw. 


The Strawbit is a bendy silicone straw that also doubles up as a bracelet so you don’t have to worry about losing it or leaving it in a bag back home. Even though it is practical it still has a cute design so you can wear it proudly while also knowing you’re helping reduce the waste on the planet just a little.

And at only £8.95 it is a very reasonable price for a bracelet/straw. 


5. Dodow Sleep Aid 

If you struggle falling asleep then this is an item that you could majorly benefit from. The Dodow is a metronome and light filter that reteaches you how to fall asleep by gently setting the states that are needed.

The light appears on your ceiling that appears in a rhythm that you are to match with your breathing,  by the end of the 8 minute, or 20 minute program you should be ready to fall asleep. The slowed down breathing creates the perfect state for a restful night, so if you struggle why not give this a go. It has already been tested by 500,000 people who absolutely love the product.


6. Grocery Shopping

It isn’t always realised by everyone that you can buy food from Amazon, so why go to Asda or Tesco when you can bulk-buy your Monster Munch off of amazon and have it delivered to your door. There is also a wide availability of foods from different countries which makes finding your noodles or special delicacy dishes a lot easier. 

And it isn’t just food shopping you can do, or even wine shopping, you can also get your cleaning supplies, nappies and toilet rolls so you don’t have to do the walk of shame of lugging home a 24 pack of toilet rolls. 

Plus you may find more deals than your average store. 


7. Rocket Book

The selling point of this item is that you’ll never have to buy another notebook again; the book has only 32 pages but each one is reusable, all you have to do is wipe them clean with a damp cloth. Hand write your notes and then scan them onto your phone/Ipad so you always have your notes with you. 

It’s a great tool for students or those that need to do drawings, everything that you put on the page can be scanned straight onto the app. Also their are 6 options at the bottom of the page that allow you to send your notes to a certain area, whether its cloud or your documents. 

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Save the trees and ditch your normal notebooks. 


8. AnySharp Mini Copper

This mini chopper will make your cooking process so much easier, why waste hours of your life finely dicing your ingredients and crying over the onions when you can simply put them inside this little chopper and let it do the hard work. Well most of the hard work, you’ll still have to push the blades down, but that’s a simple enough job and relatively fun and therapeutic. 

The blades auto-rotate so you get an even dice on your veggies and herbs, and the instrument is dishwasher safe so you don’t even have to worry about hand washing it. Easy peasy cooking. 


9. Solar Charger

Want to help the environment a bit more? Or just save yourself some money in the long run? Why not invest in a solar power bank, all you have to do is charge it under the sun and you’ve got an endless supply of energy for your phone or tablet. 

This particular model can fully charge your phone in 1 to 1.5 hours, and your tablet in 2 to 2.8 hours, and with 2 charging ports you can charge both at the same time. Honestly if you don’t have one, you should, and the charger should last you at least 5 years so it is definitely worth it’s money. 


10. Meleden Air Purifier With True Hepa 

With pollution becoming a big worry in this day and age it is worth getting an air purifier to improve your health and lifestyle. This Meleden air purifier not only filters out pollen, but also cigarette smoke, mould, dust and odours. 

For only £30 I think it is truly worth the investment to improve your health and look after your lungs. 


So there are 10 items you can get on Amazon that will significantly improve your lifestyle. And they are all on amazon prime so you can get them all by tomorrow if you order now (depending on what time you are reading this, if its 3 am then maybe not). 

Comment below the best thing you’ve ever bought off Amazon and if you think it’s worth us all getting.

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