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15 Items For The Perfect Tailgate

15 Items For The Perfect Tailgate


Whether you’re in it to support a particular college or professional team, you’re just a die-hard sports fan, or you’re just down to party all the time, tailgating is a definite thing to cross off your bucket list for this semester. Here’s a list of 15 must-have items for the perfect tailgate!

1. This awesomely efficient Scooter Cooler.

They’re cool in more than one way.

2. These sophisticated Grown-Up Sippy Cups.

So now you can be sophisticated without spilling any of those bevs.


3. This useful One-Handed Bottle Opener.

So you can multitask, sort of.

4. These Portable Heated Seat Cushions.

For die-hard tailgaters who aren’t into sitting on cold bleachers.

5. Folding chairs? Check. Folding Tables With Cup Holders? CHECK.

Support your team AND your solo cups.



6. Keep your dogs in place with this Hot Dog Grilling Spatula.

Give the grill master a break with this simple, yet effective tool.

7. Listen to music (even if it rains) with this Portable Waterproof Speaker.

Even if you already have a speaker…what happens if it gets wet?


8. Your drink will never be empty with this Dual Drink Dispenser Backpack.

I mean, come on. This is just cool.

9. This couldn’t-be-more-convenient Two-In-One Speaker & Cooler (On Wheels!)

Practical, compact and ready to play music while keeping your drinks cool.

10. This really fun 3-In-1 Portable Lawn Game Set.

Corn hole, ladder ball, bean bag toss. What more do you need?



11. This amazing Portable Deep Fryer (if just grilling gets too boring).

Dreams do come true!

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12. This Instant Canopy Tent for when it rains or the sun gets too hot!

Let’s be honest: life saving.

13. The perfect Folding Chair.

Simple, but provide adequate seating and cup-holding, of course. You can never have enough of these, right?

14. This Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven.

For those who’d rather have a slice than a patty (or both).


15. A Portable Beer Pong Set that is easy to set up ANYWHERE.

You can even adjust the beer pong distance for the beer pong pros. Basically: Pong 2.0.

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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