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11 Items Anyone With Hokie Spirit NEEDS To Have

11 Items Anyone With Hokie Spirit NEEDS To Have

Every college has T-shirts with their logo on it, lanyards with the school name, and pennants for your wall. Virginia Tech gives you a little bit more variety when it comes to showing your school spirit. After all, we are die hard Hokie fans. Do you consider yourself a true Hokie fan? Make sure you have these items anyone with true Hokie spirit needs to have!

These products are so adorable for anyone with true Hokie spirit!

1. This handy Virginia Tech mounted bottle opener.

Crack open a cold one with this useful invention.


2. This trendy Virginia Tech bangle bracelet.

Now you can literally wear your Hokie spirit in your sleeve.

Literally the cutest way to show your Hokie spirit!

3. This amazing VT flag.

How do you expect people to find you at tailgates?


4. A Virginia Tech Monopoly board game.

Hours and hours (and hours) of endless fun.



5. A way to charge your electronics with Hokie spirit.

6. An adorably cozy Hokie spirit scarf.

Perfect for game days but also for any day!


7. This beautiful piece of wall decor.

Perfect for an apartment or a dorm-sweet-dorm.

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8. A fashionable Hokies bandeau.

9. This Virginia Tech grilling set.

Now you can show your Hokie spirit while grilling, too.


10. A Virginia Tech spirit tank.

What better thing to wear over your Hokies bandeau at a tailgate?

11. The perfect VT chair for a game day or your dorm.


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