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Is Starbucks Worth the Hype? Let’s Find Out

Is Starbucks Worth the Hype? Let’s Find Out

Is Starbucks worth the hype? Let’s find out and see. Where do you want to go in the morning when you wake up? Starbucks if you ask me. This is something that a big percentage of our population relies on as they are a quick and efficient way to get your morning coffee and a bite to eat while not burning a hole in your pocket.

Easy and Convenient

Something that is really special about Starbucks is the fact that it is so easy and convenient. Starbucks is located on almost every corner of every street in America, and this also something that is trending globally as well. When you go to a Starbucks drive thru you are ensuring that you will more than likely have your coffee in less than fifteen minutes as well as your food that you ordered, and you don’t even have to get out of your car which is great. Sometimes if there is no line you can be in and out in less than three minutes, my all-time fastest record of the Starbucks drive thru has been two minutes and thirty seconds (yes I timed them)

Starbucks Drive-Thru

Doesn’t Burn a Hole in your Pocket

While some people think that Starbucks is overly expensive, I think that it is well priced when you need a pick me up. Although five dollars can seem like a lot of money for a coffee in today’s world it really isn’t, when you go to a local upscale coffee shop you are looking to spend anywhere from seven to eleven dollars on one iced coffee, while you can get your fix at Starbucks for five dollars. I do think that the food is reasonably priced as well, with a plain croissant being around two dollars and a sandwich being around seven dollars. Which seems like a lot but in this world it is most definitely affordable.

Starbucks Easy on the Wallet

Collectible Cups and Mugs

My favorite thing about Starbucks is the way that they have Collectible cups and mugs that are released at least once a month. These are usually related to the Holidays that are occurring around the world or an event that is going on, for lunar new year they came out with an all-red studded cup and for Halloween they came out with an orange and black mirrored cup. Although these cups will run you at least twenty dollars all the way up to forty dollars they are extremely collectible and will sell for double the amount that you purchased them for, so I consider them an investment until you want to get rid of them.

Starbucks Collectible Cups

Constantly changing their Flavors

Much like the collectible cups that Starbucks comes out with, they always have limited edition flavors of drinks that come and go as the Holidays roll by. They always have certain flavors like Vanilla, Caramel, Cinnamon, and Mocha. But more of the seasonal limited-edition ones would be Praline, Pistachio, Marshmallow, Toasted Vanilla and Pumpkin Spice. This is one way that Starbucks keeps the customers coming and allows them to fulfill the needs of their consumers and the flavors that they want to have.  

Starbucks Flavors

Diverse and Friendly

Something that I like about Starbucks in particular is that they always have a friendly face greeting you at the drive thru no matter what day it is. When I used to work for Starbucks my manager would always say if you don’t have at least one conversation to remember from when you were working the window then you aren’t doing it the right way. So, when I am looking at other people at the windows at Starbucks I try and remember that, but not every day is going to be filled with someone who can’t wait to take your order as we all have our bad days. Starbucks is also really diverse in who they hire, they are not racist or do not discriminate against the way that someone may look or the way that they identify, as this is something that Is very refreshing and doesn’t happen too often.

Starbucks and Diversity

Quality that Counts

When going into a Starbucks you can always rely on quality that is going to live up to the standards, Starbucks is known for always keeping their machines up to date and ensuring that your coffee is brought to you in a timely manner. Starbucks is known for wanting their employees to succeed, some full-time employees are able to get a full scholarship to Arizona State University where they are able to get a full-time education on the dime of Starbucks, sounds like a great time to me. Starbucks is also known for doing their cup fund which allows employees who are struggling to apply for a grant that is given to them through Starbucks when times are tough. (This was used a lot during the times of COVID-19)

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Starbucks Quality

Great Rewards Program

Something that Starbucks is best known for would be their unbeatable rewards program this is something that they call Starbucks Stars on the Starbucks Application. When you are able to get twenty five stars you are able to get customizations done for your drink, fifty stars gets you a brewed coffee or bakery item or hot tea, One hundred fifty starts is going to get you a handcrafted drink or hot breakfast or parfait, Two hundred stars is going to get you a lunch sandwich or protein box and finally the four hundred stars option is going to get you select merchandise like coffee cups or mugs or coffee that you are able to brew at home.

Starbucks App

Offers that are Unbeatable

Starbucks releases a lot of offers that as well are very incentivized to get you to keep coming back and making purchases on their merchandise. Some offers that they offer would be, buy a Large iced coffee and get one hundred bonus stars to use on your next purchase or buy any two breakfast sandwiches and get two hundred bonus stars. Starbucks is commonly using their star giving abelites to lure customers back to the store and get them to buy their products.

Starbucks Offer

Whether or not you may be a Starbucks stan or not, it is not going anywhere due to their special marketing abilities and the ways that they are able to connect to each one of their customers and build relationships with them.