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Is Online Dating Ruining Dating For Millennials?

Is Online Dating Ruining Dating For Millennials?

Online dating has become a common way to hook up in the modern era. But is this new way of finding love ruining romance for millennials?

Social media has given millennials the opportunity to find love all around the world. We’ve heard about people finding love on Twitter and Instagram. There are apps and websites geared towards the idea of finding the perfect soulmate. Online dating has created a way for people to put themselves out in the dating world. Although it can be a tool to help meet new people, it has affected millennials opportunities and forms of communications.

I personally think that online dating has its good and negative aspects to how millennial choose to date. Plenty of millennials have complained about how this hooking up culture has made it hard for them to date. The funny thing is every generation has its hook up culture. Millennials just have an easier access to hooking up and dating because of social media and online dating. Here are some reasons why online dating may affect dating for millennials

The Option Of Being Selective

Dating apps have given millennial to be selective. There’s levels to being selective, you can be selective and be open to new things. We all want the perfect match that fully meets our standards when it comes to a partner. Sadly, life does not work that way. Being given the option to swipe right and left has caused us just to judge someones appearance. Yes looks attract you but they eventually fade away.

Your partner may have the perfect hairline today but it will fade away as they age. Its fine to be selective but be open to different personality traits. Physical appearance does change within time, people with glow up while others will shrivel. Its up to you to pick a potential partner. I personally prefer a dope personality because I love to talk. Beyonce said “let me upgrade you”, maybe you’re the person meant to upgrade your partners personality and choice of living. This a reason why online dating may affect dating for millennials.


Online dating profiles have given people the opportunity to catfish. If you’re on any social media and dating platform, you’re bound to come across a catfish. A Catfish is a person who fakes their identity on the internet to find a romantic relationship. Dating sites have made it easier for people to detect a catfish by installing their version of an Instastory and FaceTime feature.

Catfish have found ways to fool their victim by using someones prerecorded videos or act like their webcam doesn’t work. Some people tend to trust a catfish due to exchanging words for a long period of time. As companies continue to make features to fix the problem, some people will find ways to beat the feature. Its best to pay attention to their pictures and stories. No one wants a phone call or email from Nev & Max.

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Lets be real, some millennials do suffer with social phobia. As someone who is naturally outgoing and always down to start a conversation, I suffer with social phobia. Social phobia is having a constant fear of being judged by others or be embarrassed in front of them. People tend to be more comfortable with messaging rather than meeting in person. Dating apps can travel wherever with you because its on you’re phone. You have access to millions of people through multiple devices.

The point of online dating is to be used as extra help to meet a potential partner. You’ll eventually have to meet the person in real life to see if there is actual chemistry. Some people tend to be able to hold a conversation through messaging but struggle when meeting face to face. It’s fine to be nervous on the first date but realize that its the process of getting to know someone new. I personally recommend trying to meet people in person to help improve social phobia. Its good to use dating apps but still be open to meeting people through friends or events. This is a reason why online dating may affect dating for millennials.

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