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Is It Worth Buying Preloved Fashion Pieces?

The catchphrase “it’s new right?” doesn’t always apply in the fashion world. Collectors from all over the world who share a passion for collecting rare limited edition pieces purchase items decades-old to own and add to their prized collection. Like everything nice and shiny it comes at a cost but something to consider when buying luxurious fashion pieces is that they do not lose value and in some cases, the price might even skyrocket making you a lucky owner.

1. Vintage Collectibles

The main reason why handbag connoisseurs travel the globe to collect valuables is usually that the item is no longer in production and has become very rare and difficult to come across. When a fashion designer decides that they will only make a certain number of pieces or would like to discontinue the item for their line the price escalates quickly due to the production limiting how many will be available for retail and purchase. In some cases investing in a purse might be a better investment than gold because of how many people would pay for your item over gold. Not only are they worth collecting because of the value they run at but they are also fought over at auctions because having a priceless possession added to your collection puts you ahead of the game against all other collectors.

2. The Real Deal

Many might be skeptical to purchase preloved fashion pieces that have belonged to someone else but there is no reason to worry. Places and websites such as TheRealReal and WhatGoesAroundNyc have blown up over the last few years due to providing authentic fashion pieces for a much cheaper price than walking into a boutique. At these second-hand retailers, they provide the same luxury experience as walking into a retailer without all the pressure of feeling out of place. A major plus to these shops are the price cuts that they offer on many well-known preloved fashion brands that you have heard of and dreamt about one day being able to afford and now you can. TheRealReal has several locations where you are more than welcome to shop in person, unlike WhatGoesAroundNyc that is completely online. Many celebrities such as Maddison Beer follow them on social media making them reliable and trustable because a celebrity like that would not support a bogus business. 

3. No More Waiting

Typically when you go shopping at these high-end fashion boutiques and you are interested in purchasing a new item you might hear how there is a waiting list. So imagine never having to hear that you need to get on a waiting list for a designer fashion good? Well, the good news is that you won’t ever have to deal with that when purchasing pre-loved goods. These retailers that sell authentic preloved goods won’t have you waiting long to receive your new goods to add to your collection. That is a huge plus to many collectors on top of the fact that they are saving money and finding preloved fashion pieces that you would not find at your local boutique. At Hermes, the home of the legendary Birkin Bag, you have to get on a waitlist to even be considered for such prized possession because the reputation they hold is astronomical. But at the same time, you are able to walk into TheRealReal and purchase one of the many Birkins they have that are real, and yes, they have dozens to choose from with different hardware and different colors.

4. Multiple Bags

Depending on what you are buying from second-hand retailers you could be saving a few thousand of dollars so what do you do when you are saving more money? You buy more. The price of a retail good could cost you several thousand dollars more so why not save that or put it towards another good that caught your eye. If you decide to purchase pre-loved goods you will be able to afford more items that are valuable that you can add to your collection and expand your accessories. This is a great alternative to save more and have more rather than spending more and having less. A great thing about this is also how they are in very good condition as if they were new so when you open up the box, they will come in their original packaging and you will not be disappointed. With more bags in your closet the more looks you could create and that is a fun thing to do when you are a preloved fashion lover because who doesn’t like to play dress up like a doll once in a while?

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5. Standing Out

Showing up to the function with a rare limited edition fashion good that has either been seen on the runway this year or 20 years ago, people will for sure not be scared to tell you they love your good. So be ready to receive all the compliments in the world because what do you expect when you have something not everyone could get their hands on? A whole lot of compliments and questions on how they can get one. Being able to wear your fashion pieces out and about is more like art because you are wearing something that someone took their time to create that comes with the luxury of the high-end quality which will have everyone wondering what and how your new good was made and if you would recommend it to others. But you might not want to wear your collectibles out and about all the time because wear and tear will affect your fashion piece but when you do decide to step out people will have their eyes on you and be quick to compliment you.

Don’t be scared to purchase any pre-loved goods just because they belonged to someone else. Many who spend good money on an item are not going to be out ruining it but instead treating it with care as they should. Make sure to share with friends and comment what you think!

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