Is It Possible To Have Too Much Sex?

Sex, is a great way that we all love to relieve stress and have fun. But, is it possible to have too much sex? Yes, some people are nymphos (nymphos are people who crave sex and have to have it as often as they need to eat) and seem to appear to live a pretty balanced life. However, if you are ALWAYS having sex, how can you possibly have a great amount of energy for anything else?

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Some would say that people who are having an insane amount of sex weekly, can’t possibly be able to get the things that they need to get done. But like I said previously, I know a few nymphos who still manage to handle their business. I have a friend in particular who says she has sex with her partner 7 times a day, every day. And she still is able to focus on what she needs to.

Having sex all the time, can possibly get “tiring” unless you have the stamina of a race horse or are having sex with multiple different partners to keep it “spicy”.

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And who the hell honestly has the time to have lots of sex all the time anyway? Life has a way of sucking the “life” out of most of us on a daily basis.

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Sure, studies have shown how having sex is healthy and that it is a great form exercise. Having sex multiple times a day everyday though, is bound to leave you with some alignment that Tylenol cannot relieve. For example, a fractured jaw from giving an insane amount of oral, will require a trip to the E.R. where you will have to embarrassingly explain how you got a fractured jaw.

So yes, to me, it is possible to have too much sex but to each his own.

In your opinion, is it possible to have too much sex? Let us know down below in the comments!


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