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Is Indie Sleaze Back In?

With media consumption having rapidly increased with new social media platforms like TikTok emerging, and fast fashion websites taking off like SHEIN, the recycling of trends and the invention of new ones has started to increase.

We’ve seen the reinstation of early 2000s looks. We’ve seen mall-goth remerge and alternative style in most recent age has topped the indie look that was in 6 months ago. Following this trend-setting timeline, indie sleaze style from 2014 will make a comeback! 

Here are the top styles that trend today that foreshadow the resurfacing of rocker/grunge sleazy looks, and I’ve also included indie sleaze icons, outfits, and makeup looks to help your wardrobe stay up-to-date and in style!

Current Alternative/Grunge Era

It is no secret that walking around the teens of today are dressing up in styles that were popular in the 90s, from the baggy street/skate style to the punk/hardcore style of dress from when Nirvana was trending in the 90s. 

Teenagers and young adults today can be seen dressed head to toe, practically in Jesse Pinkman merchandise from the Netflix TV Show, Breaking Bad. With the baggy style now being seen as “In,” this prompts the awakening of grunge culture from the 90s.

Icons like Frances Bean Cobain could be seen sporting the baggy style back in the early 2000s, alongside Avril Lavigne and Taylor Momsen. 

This baggy style of 2022 has merged with alternative styles that incorporated heavy eyeliner, massive chains, and eccentric jewelry, with lots, and lots of black clothing. All of these are key factors to show that indie sleaze will be the next hottest trend. 

Frances Bean Cobain Icon

Aside from her famous father, Kurt Cobain, Frances Bean Cobain was famous for her paparazzi flicks featured in magazines across the nation. She could be seen sporting vampy and dark purple lipstick, with oversized flannels and beanies, accessorized with multiple choker necklaces.

Frances Bean Cobain’s startup as an American visual artist and model is what has granted her the reputation of Indie Sleaze icon! She is constantly in the public eye rocking anything alternative-related, and photographs of her outfits are the featured images when referencing grunge or indie sleaze looks. 

Here her iconicism is definitely shown! The dark vampy lips, pale skin, Tumblr-esque filter with the emo pose– she’s rocking the indie sleaze lifestyle. 

Indie Sleaze Makeup Look

When mentioning indie sleaze icons of the past, we can’t forget about the makeup that was as essential to the look as the ripped skinny jeans and combat boots. 

The makeup worn resembles an average day-after, walk of shame, hangover face, with messy mascara, smeared and dark lipstick, with heavy black eye makeup. It was the staple back in 2014, and it will be making a comeback in the next few months when indie sleaze makes the headlines in early 2023. 

There are makeup tutorials filling up my current Pinterest mood board… filled with the perfect vampire red shade of lipstick. I can’t keep it a secret, that’s too selfish (it’s Golden Grape by L’Oréal).

Taylor Momsen Icon

If we are going to talk about indie sleaze and its leaders, there’s no way I’m leaving out Taylor Momsen. Taylor Momsen, of The Pretty Reckless rock band, has been a fashion trendsetter since she was featured on Netflix’s Gossip Girl.

She is wildly famous and known for her all-black eye makeup (see image below), and her hot, rock n’ roll style! Constantly sporting pieces of lingerie with thigh-high combat boots and bracelets from her wrists to elbows, Momsen is the queen of rock.

If you are looking for an “in” to the indie sleaze community, following Momsen’s outfits and the trends she participates in (or makes), is the best idea to help you achieve the gaudy and fashionable indie sleaze look. 

See Also

Sky Ferreira Icon

The last icon and trendsetter I find it imperative to mention when discussing the perfect indie sleaze lookbook is Sky Ferreira. Known for her singing, songwriting, acting, and modeling skills (woman of all trades) Sky has set the bar for indie sleaze icons to follow.

Dressing in oversized denim jackets, sporting “THE” makeup look, and rocking knee-high combat boots, Sky Ferreira is one of the style icons from 2014 Tumblr; rocking a look soon to be back in style! 

Indie sleaze icons are typically associated with music, as the indie sleaze genre was ruled by the likes of Indie rock, Grunge, and Electric pop. You can see how the music influenced their style of dress, and Sky Ferreira being a pop sensation, was no exception! 

Featured in the image below, you can see the messy hairstyle and aggravated look is all part of the apathetic charm of indie sleaze! 

Essential Outfits/Pieces For The Indie Sleaze Look

We have talked about trend projections from today’s alternative style serving a look from 2014 that is soon to be making a comeback, and I’ve written about the indie sleaze icons of 2014, but now it’s time to give you the secret to setting your closet up for success to rule the indie sleaze style! 

The first essential is an oversized denim jacket, complete with your favorite band pins, rips from your wild nights out, and safety pins and patches if you’re feeling up for it! This need be the only jacket in your closet– and YES, wear it even if it’s 80 and sunny outside. 

The second essential is a loved and worn-out pair of ribbed black tights, or dare I say, fishnet stockings! These were so niche back in 2014, but they’re making a comeback! Rock them any way you want, and the best part about the “sleazy” style is that you don’t have to throw your tights out if they get rips or runs! Rock them that way!

Now that I’ve lusted over former icons Frances Bean Cobain, Taylor Momsen, and Sky Ferreira, given you the secret shade of lipstick you have to add to your collection, and talked about the wardrobe essentials you must store in your closet, it’s time to get excited about the reinstatement of indie sleaze! Consider it in.

Featured Image Source:
Allison Payne

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