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Is High Fashion Worth The Price Tag?

Is High Fashion Worth The Price Tag?

What do Chanel, Gucci,  Louis Vuitton, and all other high end fashion retailers have in common? The price tag. Some of these hot luxury brands have been around for more than 100 years and till this day they are worth every penny and will always be a great investment. There are many other brands that are just luxurious comes an expensive price tag and we are about to find out why.

1. Hand made 

They say perfection takes time and that could not be any less truer. When these famous fashion creators get to work, everything is handmade but not the way fast fashion is put out into the world. At each of these fashion haute couture homes each piece that is made takes time and can not be rushed especially If you are famous or have some sort of title you could ask for a limited edition that could range up to 4 weeks to arrive as Goyard offers that custom offer. Since they are handmade that means that each item is special and is not the same as the next bag that is about to be made. The way these fashion icons manage to keep track is how when each item is created there is usually a code or number to confirm not only it was handmade but as well as its authenticity. Due to many reasons people have created replicas meaning they are no good and are phony or in other words FAKE. So not only does the number that authenticates the realness of it and shows it was handmade but gives the purchaser warranty with the certificate that comes with at the time of the purchase.


2. Coming Over Seas

If you ever happen to wake up one day and go purchase a Chanel at our local boutique and they happen to have the exact one you want, then you are in luck because all these fashion goods are imported from where their home lands. Just like every item that is handmade that has a number to approve its authenticity will also carry where it was made in. You could go ahead and find where it was made by taking a look at the tag but even accessories will have it. Since they are also coming from another country whose currency weighs much more than the typical United States dollar the price of the good will be readjusted to fit the correct amount as well as an inflation fee compared to actually purchasing the item right in the city. There has been rumors that it could be up to a few hundred dollars cheaper than purchasing it at your local Neiman Marcus. When you place an order and it arrives it makes you feel so much better so why would you want to wait in a long during a pandemic when you could order straight from the comfort of your own room.

3. Quality goods 

The controversy that these high end fashion boutiques face usually revolves around what is used to produce these goods. From Louis Vuitton being known for the Mink skin that is used for their infamous LV slides to the Hermes Birkin that everyone talks about. Celebrities have been spotted rocking these expensive goods that are then custom and special making them very rare and valuable. At Hermes, the home of the most luxurious sought after bag, The Birkin, could cost you up to a good $500,000.00 making this is more valuable than gold and yes the value does continue to increase as they are rarest – most difficult to find bags in the world. It is made up of himalaya crocodile which is no joke itself as its sister purse could range up to $80,000.00 for just being made with the crocodile but when making a ultra rare limited edition bag you are obviously going to need to add the most expensive details. The super rare and famous purse is accompanied by VS diamonds and gold hardware. With only so little in the world of these high fashion items of course the price tag can break the bank. You do not need to purchase a Birkin to know that your high end good is made of quality as that is what you are paying for.

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4. The reputation

All fashion brands that have made an impact in the fashion industry have a reputation to uphold from the beginning of tailoring boutiques to their world wide international locations they have managed to continue the good name they stand for. As many of these fashion boutiques are a part of the luxurious lifestyles of many movie stars, musicians, and reality stars they help continue the trend of class they uphold. Focusing on the wealthy, these boutiques are not the average Jcpenney. Since they are well known for the everlong lasting name that will be known forever and the quality of the goods they will continue to be considered the high end shops all types of people strive to one day be able to afford.  Another good way to keep a well-recognized reputation is by having high status models walk on the runway to showcase what will be in the latest fashion trends but as well as inviting the biggest names in the world to sit in the front row where photographs will be captured and the relevancy begins as we have gotten a chance to see the fashion show at Louis Vuitton over video and got a chance to see socialite Kim Kardashian West in the crowd with billionaire sister Kylie Jenner, making it well known that only people with a high status are allowed in.


There are many good reasons that High Fashion is very valuable and worth every penny spent because you know you are purchasing quality every time. Not only does it hold its value but it is a very special and thoughtful gift for a special someone who has your attention. Go take a look at what your favorite fashion brand has and make sure to share and comment what you think!