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Is Having A Thigh Gap Actually Sexy?

Is Having A Thigh Gap Actually Sexy?

The thigh gap trend has been coming and going out of fashion as pertaining to what makes a body sexy or not. There are many attributes that can make a body sexy and many attributes have been going in and out of trend but what is the deal with the thigh gap- is it really that important when it comes to making someone more or less attractive? Before you worry too much about having a thigh gap let’s find out if it’s really all that sexy.

What Is A Thigh Gap?

Well first, in order to know if you have a thigh gap or not and whether it’s sexy, you have to know what it is. A thigh gap is a little whole that is created when you’re standing with feet hip-width apart and when your thighs are touching but there is a little open space between where your thighs end and your pelvis begins. The space between your torso and thighs makes a little diamond space that some consider to be super appealing in a woman.

Is Having A Thigh Gap Actually Sexy?

What Makes Someone Sexy?

There are many attributes that make someone sexy and they are not all physical- most people focus on the face first but beauty is really in the eye of the beholder. Some people are attracted to very skinny emaciated types, others like women a little thick with curves and some even prefer their women on the bigger side.

Many can agree that when you think of attributes that make someone sexy, you think of someone having a voluptuous figure with boobs and a butt on the bigger side especially with sex icons like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez with reasonable and somewhat unreasonable size bottoms. But what about the thigh gap? Is the thigh gap still even a thing?

Is Having A Thigh Gap Actually Sexy?

Is The Thigh Gap Still A Thing?

I remember when a couple years ago everyone was concerned whether they had a thigh gap or not, convinced that it made someone more attractive but who even made this a thing and is it still a thing?

Before writing this article I had kind of thought the thigh gap trend had died down and that people have forgotten about it but is it still an attribute that girls are striving for?

Who Has A Thigh Gap?

In order to have a thigh gap you have to a small figure slightly on the curvy side. You have to have skinny thighs but not too skinny with just the right amount of cushion on the inner thighs to create the space where your thighs touch. In order to have the gap between your thighs and torso you need to have the right shaped butt- not too small but not too large and one the perky side. The thigh gap is supposed to be an indicator that you have just the right amount of curves in the right places.

Is Having A Thigh Gap Actually Sexy?

Is The Thigh Gap Sexy?

The gap itself is not what is the ‘sexy’ part of having on but what it indicated about your body. Having one indicated that you have a nice shaped, perky butt and proportionate thighs that have just the right amount of ‘meat’ on them. The thigh gap is also related to how wide your hips are- the wider your hips are, the more likely you are to having a gap.

Just like other parts of the female anatomy, there is (most of the time)  a scientific reason as to why men find that trait attractive. With big butts and boobs, that can be a sign that women are more likely to be more fertile thus making them a better candidate for reproduction. And just like big boobs and butt, wide hips mean that the woman is more able to bear children, which is a biological need and that is why men are scientifically attracted to it. Some have grown to see the gap itself as sexy but it comes from having a nice body to most standards and the fact that primal brains see this body type as more reproductively effect and that is the truly sexy part.

But what does this mean for the rest of your body? If you have a thigh gap your butt is probably not that big and neither will your thighs be either and unless you have really good genes, your boobs will probably be small too. Doesn’t this go against the previously stipulated standards of having to have a big butt and boobs to be sexy?

Well everybody has different standards on what defines a sexy body and one with a thigh gas is just one of them? Having a small perky butt and small curvy thighs is sexy to some but not all-it really just depends on your preferred body type.

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Is Having A Thigh Gap Actually Sexy?

What Do Guys Think?

Well, while writing this article I asked my boyfriend what he thought about the whole thigh gap hype. (To preface this I do not have a thigh gap at all) He said growing up he thought what made someone sexy was having big boobs but then his cousin told him that it’s all about the thigh gap and now he sees that as a sexy attribute. But he was also clear that it’s not just the thigh gap but what the thigh gap represents and how having a thigh gap means that you have a ‘nice’ butt.

But my boyfriend is just one guy and what does he know?¬†According to Quora, men seem to be neutral on their position of whether a thigh gap is sexy. Some say they notice it and think ‘Oh that’s nice,’ but correspond that it isn’t a determining factor on whether a girl is sexy or not. Few wrote that they are attracted to a thigh gap but almost all agreed that there are many more sexy qualities a girl can have that outweigh a thigh gap.

Some tend to think (whether this is true or not) that most women who have a thigh gap are active, workout regularly and have an athletic body type. It seems that they are more attracted to the body type that comes with the thigh gap than the thigh gap itself.

So in conclusion, if you are really concerned about having a thigh gap and whether it makes you more attractive, the best thing you can do is workout and live a healthy lifestyle because that is the sexiest part of it.

Is Having A Thigh Gap Actually Sexy?

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