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10 Irresistible Couples Costumes For Halloween

10 Irresistible Couples Costumes For Halloween

I’ll be honest, this is my first Halloween dressing up with someone else, so I’ve been doing my research. Choosing can be a little more complicated when it’s two people you’re attempting to dress. It’s not just eight-year-old me trying to decide between being Hannah Montana or an angel, we’re thinking in pairs now. (I chose Hannah Montana by the way.) Where do we begin? By thinking of every iconic duo we can and then trying to decide how to convince our significant other to do it with us. Think outside the box, no salt and pepper or mustard and ketchup. Favorite iconic duos–go!

1. Red Riding Hood and the wolf

Red Riding Hood is a simple costume that doesn’t require much makeup and likely won’t be ruined by the end of the night. For the wolf, use a headband with grey ears, a white shirt–with blood for dramatic effect, and a flannel. Makeup is always an option, though I find it to be a bit messy and hard to convince others to wear. Red Riding Hood is nothing without her hood, also include a white t-shirt, a black skirt, red lipstick, and a basket. The baked goods are optional, though I’m sure you’d win the costume party for sure if you brought them. 10 Irresistible Couples Costumes For Halloween

2. Jack Skellington and Sally

Is it just me or will this movie never get old no matter how many times I watch it? These costumes can be a bit trickier and are suggested for the truly dedicated costume artists. Their clothing is unique; Jack’s striped black and white suit is the key to his look, while Sally is known for her patchwork dress. Due to Jack being a skeleton, you will have to use makeup to create the effect or go without, the suit is unique enough on its own. Salley’s blue-toned skin would also be best replicated, possibly with an auburn wig to complete the ensemble. Again, these characters are identifiable by their clothing so go as simple or complex as you wish. You can order the costumes individually in whatever style you like at this link:

10 Irresistible Couples Costumes For Halloween

3. Greasers

This would not be a list of couples’ costumes without greasers. If you haven’t seen Grease, please watch it immediately–but also please finish my article first. Danny and Sandy are the physical embodiment of every stereotypical high school couple, even to this day they remain relevant. Not to mention, the costumes are probably everyday staples already in your closet. Dress up as Sandy by wearing a black off-the-shoulder top, faux black leather pants, red heels, and red lipstick. Take it a little further by creating tight curls in your hair and adding a cigarette–only for effect. For easy-going guys, Danny is even easier: a white t-shirt, black leather jacket, cuffed jeans, and sneakers. Perfect for last-minute decisions to go out for Halloween. 

10 Irresistible Couples Costumes For Halloween

4. Aladdin and Jasmine

I’m not saying this idea is completely original, the live-action did just come out on DVD. However, some of us would like the opportunity to be a princess for a day, so here’s your chance. Given that their costumes are based on a completely different time period and region, you’re going to have to find these at the store. Jasmine is, of course, best imagined in her two-piece baby blue outfit with baggy pants. Her hair is tied back into a low pony with three different ties to section it into thirds going down her back. Aladdin goes a little more free with an open purple vest and baggy beige pants as well. Don’t forget your hat! To be completely true to character, carry around a stuffed version of Abu, or a real monkey if you have it! The entirety of this costume can be found at Party City, follow this link to get the look:

10 Irresistible Couples Costumes For Halloween

5. Gomez and Morticia

For the dark and dramatic couples, the Addam’s Family is the ideal inspiration for your costume. Maybe even some of you can identify with Morticia’s dominance–but that’s none of my business. Gomez can be completed by wearing a plain black suit with a white button-up and black tie. Morticia is known for her long hair, dark as night; a wig is highly suggested–though not required–if your hair is lighter or shorter. Her dress is an elegant, long-sleeved bodycon dress with a slit up the leg, embodying her sass and dramatics. Finish the look with bright, red lipstick. Party City specializes in selling couples costumes in a bundle; follow this link to get the costume in time for Halloween:

10 Irresistible Couples Costumes For Halloween

6. Firefighter and a dalmatian

As they say, dogs are a (wo)mans’ best friend, so why not include this duo you probably forgot all about until now. Plus, you only need a few essentials to complete the look. For the firefighter, red suspenders, a firefighter’s hat, and black boots or shoes. Complete the look of the dalmation by wearing a spotted top (or use a white t-shirt and draw the black spots on yourself), white shoes and socks (knee-high socks with spots could add to the spotted look), and spotted dog ears, of course! It really is such an effortless costume and slightly more original than the typical duos of Disney. If you don’t already have these items in your closest, they can be found on Amazon for 10 dollars or less. 10 Irresistible Couples Costumes For Halloween

7. Wendy and Peter Pan

Speaking of Disney, Wendy and Peter Pan are one of the most underrated couples of Disney. Sure Tinker Bell was his best friend, but how could we forget the adorable crush that Wendy developed towards Peter or Peter’s shyness towards Wendy’s advances. Their innocent, young love makes for an adorable couples costume. For playing the part of Peter Pan, you will need a green hat, complete with a feather, a green t-shirt with the hems cut into a zig-zag, leaf-like pattern, and green pants (or tights if you can convince them). Sweet Wendy wears a blue nightgown with a blue bow in her hair. Add some curls in your hair and stay near your “Peter”, Wendy’s costume is easy to put together but slightly harder to recognize alone. The costumes can be found here, along with Tinkerbell and Captain Hook–if you’d like to mix it up:

10 Irresistible Couples Costumes For Halloween

8. Shaggy and Velma

Forget Fred and Daphne, we all know who really solved the mysteries. The debate over whether they were actually a couple is best left to fanfiction and spin-off series. However, their costumes require so little work and are unique enough to get the reference immediately. Shaggy wears a green t-shirt, khaki pants, and brown or black shoes. Velma is known for her warm color scheme complete with an orange sweater, red skirt, red socks, and brown or black heels. If you would like to go a bit further, a bobbed brown wig and glasses would complete her nerdy vibe. Since their outfits are so simple, you could probably find these staple items at Target. 

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10 Irresistible Couples Costumes For Halloween

9. Mermaid and a sailor

Sometimes it can get a little over-complicated attempting to perfect a copy cat version of a character from a movie, this is where simple duos such as these come in handy. What makes the sailor ideal for all of the easy-going couples is it only requires a sailor’s cap and a striped shirt (preferably in navy blue and white). The mermaid costume is also super cute and functional. For the top, choose from a white bralette, swimsuit top, or a lace tank top. To get the look of a mermaid, the bottoms will be what brings together the costume; a shiny or metallic green-blue skirt with scales is ideal. However, a skirt of that color and material can work with the right amount of extra details such as netting, shells for jewelry pieces, a starfish hair accessory, and more. Unless you happen to have a fishtail in the back of your closet, you are sure to need a source to get this cute costume from. They can be bought separately at your local Party City. 

10 Irresistible Couples Costumes For Halloween

10. The Joker and Harley Quinn

No couples list is complete without the mention of Harley Quinn and the Joker. No matter how dysfunctional or downright insane these two are, their relationship has a strange appeal to it. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re both hot, or maybe it’s the fact that they would die for each other. It could go either way, who knows. Although, their costumes require quite a bit of detail. While you don’t have to pay attention to every last detail, there are a few that are deemed necessary. The Joker would not be The Joker without his green hair, pale complexion, purple jacket, or the smile tattoo on his hand. Go even further by adding some of his other tattoos. To complete the look of Harley Quinn, a white and red, worn crop top, red and blue short-shorts, fishnets, black boots, and a baseball bat for special effect. She also has several tattoos you could mimic. For makeup, blue and pink eyeshadow (one color on each side), red lipstick, and a pale complexion. Finally, add some temporary color to the ends of your hair in pink and blue. These are sure to sell out, grab them here before they’re gone:

10 Irresistible Couples Costumes For Halloween

Now that I have written this article I can safely say, I have only made the decision harder on myself. There are so many awesome duos to choose from, it may just come down to the question, should I be extra or simple? You may be asking yourself this very same question, but I hope that you will be able to find inspiration or pick one of the costumes to copy for yourself. If you have any other ideas for me, I would love to hear it, leave them in the comments below. Happy Halloween, my pretties!

Featured image source: Pinterest
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