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10 Irrational Fears All Girls Have In Relationships

10 Irrational Fears All Girls Have In Relationships

Fear in relationships is completely normal, especially if you are just starting out. But, it is important to not let irrational fears get in the way and cause issues within your relationship. Here are 10 irrational fears all girls have in relationships that NEED to be stopped.

10 common things people fear in relationships

1. That he is constantly checking other girls out.

Have you walked down the street without looking at a single person walking by you? The answer is a solid no. It is a natural instinct to look at a person. So, if you guys are out together somewhere, don’t jump on him the second he looks at someone.

Now, if he breaks his neck to look back at a woman who walked by, then by all means, unleash the fury.


2. Your relationship is too good to be true.

Whether you were in a past relationship where your partner was a complete asshole or this is your first relationship and your partner is SUPER sweet, take it all in and enjoy how good it feels. Stop the second guessing.

3. You aren’t as good as other girls he has been with.

He isn’t with that girl for a reason. You need to let the past go and put your insecurities to the side. You guys are together and you need to focus on your relationship.

4. That he is going to break up with you anytime he seems “off”.

Every person in this world has “off” days. Just because he is in a bad mood doesn’t mean that you did anything to bother him. Let it ride out and give him the space he needs.

5. Anytime he goes out with his friends he cheats on you and they cheer him on.

This is highly unlikely, unless you are dating a certified fuckboy. There is no relationship without trust. If you suspect he is cheating on you, ask him. Otherwise, you need to build trust in your relationship and not be on top of him every time he goes out.


10 common things people fear in relationships

6. If you do gross things he won’t be into you anymore.

It is 2017. If you cannot do things that are considered “gross” without your partner judging you, kick them to the curb. They can either love you for who you are or not at all.

7. He stalks his ex or a girl he had a serious fling with.

Chances are you have come across and ex or an old fling and took a moment to see how they have been doing. But, it hasn’t gone any further than that. We live in an age of social media so it can’t be avoided completely. He is with you and if you trust him, you need to let this insecurity go.

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8. His mother hates you.

Unless you give her a reason, his mother most likely does not hate you. Mothers are protective of their children. So, if she seemed standoffish, this could be why. Be yourself and she will love you!

9. If you talk about something that is bothering you it will ruin your relationship.

Communication is KEY in all relationships. If you feel like you can not discuss something that is bothering you, then you may not be in the healthiest relationship. Otherwise, this is really just an irrational fear you need to get over. Anything you communicate can help your relationship grow and your partner will be understanding of that!

10. If you ask for things you may come off as “needy”

“Needy” is a word I truly hate. We all have needs and relationships are a give and take. As long as you aren’t constantly asking for things, then you don’t need to worry. Your partner will most likely love to do things for you and will get satisfaction out of making you happy.

10 common things people fear in relationships

Do you an irrational fear in relationships you have been in!? Share in the comments below!

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