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Ipsy Review: Is this Subscription Box Worth It?

Ipsy Bag is a monthly service for makeup lovers. The subscription costs $10 per month and with this price you receive an average of 5 products delivered to your doorstep, which are all personalized to your taste after you take a short quiz. In the month of February I received my first bag and it didn’t disappoint, so I thought I’d give an Ipsy review and offer my recommendations on if the subscription is worth it.

This was my bag on the day it arrived and the one I will be providing the Ipsy review for. This month, the theme was Pretty in Ipsy Pink- the bag itself is a decent size with a really great texture to it…it sort of looks like a cute, little valentine envelope.

Here is my Ipsy review of the products that came inside the bag.

The Balm Cosmetics: Mr. Write (Now) Scott

This eyeliner is fantastic for people with light eyes like me. The plumb color really brings out the blue, but it doesn’t show up on my waterline very well so I had to put it on my eyelid instead. Overall I think it is a usable product, but I probably won’t be using it on a day to day basis.

It Cosmetics: Bye Bye Under Eye Anti Aging Concealer

It was definitely very helpful, but maybe a bit too light for me. It didn’t crease at all which was good. I’ve only used it around two times, but in both instances I noticed that this concealer covered my dark circles (yay college and no sleep!).

VINTAGE By Jessica Liebeskind: Sparkling Lip Gloss in Pink Satin

I am not a fan of lip gloss in general; I don’t like the stickiness and the drying effect afterwards. This lip gloss is no exception, it has that sticky quality and once it dries I had to spend the rest of the day layering on chapstick. I won’t be using this gloss anymore and I probably will give it to a friend of mine who likes using lip gloss as a layering product.

Perfectly Posh: BFF Best Friend Forever Exfoliating Daily Face Wash

Unfortunately, this is another product I’m not too happy with. I’ve tried it out a couple of times and it’s made my skin dry and patchy. The smell, while nice at first, is extremely overpowering when applied to your face. I had to load up on moisturizer immediately after to avoid scratching my face because of how dry it felt.

See Also

Luxie Beauty: Small Tapered Blending Eye Brush 231

This was probably my favorite product in the bag. This has quickly become my holy grail eye shadow brush. The material is so soft, it is very easy to use for blending or all over eye application. I couldn’t recommend this brush any more, it works fantastically for everything I’ve used it for. I’ve had no shedding – even after I washed it.

Final Thoughts:

Overall I would recommend Ipsy to anyone. It’s impossible to please everyone all the time, so I’m not surprised to have recieved a few products I wasn’t completely satisfied with. The products were good sizes, there was great variety, and at only $10 a month – definitely worth it to try out new products in the beauty world.

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Nicole Gilmer

Nicole Lea Gilmer is a Freshman Psychology and Communications with a concentration in public relations double major. Nicole Lea is originally from Winder, Ga. and graduated from Winder-Barrow High School. She is a huge fan of YouTube and spends way too much time keeping up with her favorites on other social media. Nicole Lea hopes one day to work with LGBTQ+ youth as an advocate. But currently enjoys working as a volunteer with Coosa River Basin Initiative and as a GED Teacher for the Berry College ESL Program as a Bonner Scholar.

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