7 Iphone Games You Will Want To Play

There are hundreds of thousands of iPhone games out there, both free and paid. Some are newly developed while others are reenactments of old PC games from the 2000s. There is only so many GBs on our iPhones, so there is no ability to try them all, but here are 7 iPhone games you will want to play.

1. Old School RuneScape

Early 2000s kids should know this classic game well. Runescape is a huge multiplayer role-playing game that has been updated over the years. The game is overall free to play but like a lot of games, subscribers can get perks and advantages. Even if you don’t pay the monthly fee, there are hundreds of quests available and the game allows players to vote on upgrades and additions to the game. If 75% of players say yes to a particular update, the game’s developers will allow the addition to the game.

7 Iphone Games You Will Want To Play

2. Words Story

Words Story follows a man who is wrongful imprisoned and perseveres to break out of prison and is one of the most advertised iPhone games currently. This is both a story succession and a word puzzle so it can be a great game for many different types of people. All levels on this game are completely free, there is no time limit, you get free hints, and there is no wifi required. Basically, this is the perfect game to pass any time you have available.

7 Iphone Games You Will Want To Play

3. King of Crabs

This game is exactly what the name suggests. You are running around and trying to become the biggest crab on the island by slaughtering other crabs. You can play alone or team up with friends to collect different species of crabs in order to advance in the game. There is a variety of weapons and ammunition in order to be successful in this game. King of Crabs is free to play but certain items can be purchased.

7 Iphone Games You Will Want To Play

4. Pokemon Go

The king of iPhone games, Pokemon Go is played by users around the world. You may have downloaded this game in its first releases and slowly lost interest, but the game has seen many updates since then. The game now features 4 generations of Pokemon, legendaries, the ability to battle other trainers, and multiple quests you can complete in order to catch even more Pokemon.

7 Iphone Games You Will Want To Play

5. Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is structured much like the infamous Temple Run. The goal is to dash and dodge oncoming trains for as long as possible. The main characters name is Jake and he does all kinds of acrobatics, uses jetpacks, and a hoverboard to surf along the subway lines.

7 Iphone Games You Will Want To Play

6. The Sims Mobile

If you were a Sims player on PC then you will love this free mobile version of the Sims. Although the customizations and the playing field is slightly different, you have significantly more control over when your sims age, move out, have children, etc. Your character will complete quests and challenges in order to advance in their career, hobbies, and lifestyle.

7 Iphone Games You Will Want To Play

7. Puzzledom

Puzzledom is a single download of tons of iPhone games in one. It is practically a one-stop shop for any and all puzzle games. There are over 8,000 levels available for free amongst all of the games with more coming soon. This game is a single player game and is all offline with no time limit. These are easy to learn but also challenging to the mind. If you’re a puzzle fanatic, this game is for you.

7 Iphone Games You Will Want To Play

Which of these iPhone games are you going to download next? Comment below!

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