Introducing Crocs And How to Wear Them

If you have been paying any attention, you will have noticed that specific individuals have been walking around with literal crocodiles on their feet. At least it sort of appears that way. Introducing crocs…the new epidemy of fashion. If you think these shoes look cute or cool, you are probably wrong because I don’t think a single person can pull these off. Nevertheless, this shoe has become somewhat of a fashion statement. While they might be slightly hideous and dorky in appearance, these are some of the comfiest shoes to come into existence. There are hundreds of colors and styles that can be chosen to represent your croc fashion. Additionally, jibbitzs have become an accessory for the shoe representing zodiac signs, characters, food, birthdays, and more. Each choice of crocs comes with the distinct challenge of how to coordinate an outfit to look like it all somehow unanimously works together. Stick around to see how you can incorporate a fake crocodile into your wardrobe semi-successfully.

The Typical Look

Crocs have become an accessory shoe to any form of loungewear. Arguably this is because they are so comfortable that it just kind of completes the sweatpants and a t-shirt look. While crocs can be worn without socks, it is common for this look to have socks pulled over the ends of your sweatpants. Don’t ask me why because I literally have no idea, but honestly, it is a vibe. Very often, you will see this combo with a typical white croc. Of course, this does not mean that other styles of crocs cannot be worn with the distinct look. Throwing a hoodie, light jacket, or flannel over a tank top or t-shirt is very common while contributing to the grungy/careless look that everyone wants to inhabit once in a while.

Crocs on the Move

Crocs are notoriously going to be considered outdoor type shoes. In large part, this is true, but truly crocs are going to be one of the most versatile shoes out there. However, if you want to consider them outdoor shoes, they are perfect for a couple of situations. One of the beautiful things about crocs is they can get wet without any damage. This makes crocs ideal to bring to any body of water. Styling a bikini to match one of the color options for crocs is ideal. Adding loose fitting layers such as a cover up are also fantastic ways to add to this look. Perhaps you are spending a day on a boat and want something casual yet comfy. Toss on a pair of ripped jeans and an oversized t-shirt accompanied by an aggressive scrunchie, and add your favorite pair of crocs to the mix. This is a great way to be on the move ready, comfortable, and mostly waterproof.


While incorporating jeans into this look can be cute, sometimes comfort is better found in leggings or shorts. Toss on your favorite hoodie for this look, and get going. While traditional crocs are unique, be sure to check out croc platforms and sandals for a different croc look that keeps your outfit fresh. Summer is here, and we are ready for it.


Classy Crocs

While you might not have originally guessed it, crocs have definitely become a fashion statement that has even shown up on runways. You might not think that these are the shoes you would combine with a 2- or 3-piece suit, but here we are. Introducing the classy croc. If you want to add some character to your most expensive dress clothing, apparently, this is the way. Commonly a croc will be added to an outfit when the color match. I hope you have a pink tie-dye suit to match those crocs you bought the other day. While neutral colors are good to incorporate into some form of a formal outfit, spice it up with some fun colors, patterns, and textures. This should not be difficult to do in a croc store.

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All the Colors

Crocs already stand out the absolute most. Why not have an entire outfit reflect that? When you pick out a crazy pair of crocs, I am sure you are thinking of all the ways you can make an outfit look more outrageous than the crocs themselves. Don’t worry; other people are thinking the same thing. For this combo, pretty much just throw on anything with vibrant color and see what happens. You could wear jeans, leggings, or heavily patterned pants with any shirt you could possibly imagine. Add all these things together with a kimono or something of the sort, and you will be set for the day. Additional accessories can be incorporated into this open style, such as bulky jewelry, sunglasses, and so on.

Crocs for Comfort

While crocs on the move essentially cover the concept of crocs for comfort, you should pair your favorite crocs with whatever you feel best in. Add them as your shoe of choice when you go to the gym or when you have to take a long flight. While it is undoubtedly clear that crocs are an extraordinary look, you might as well take comfort over discomfort. As a result, pairing these shoes with practically any outfit will not raise any eyebrows. As always, you should show up in whatever you want as long as it represents you the most.


For some added style, get socks that are a bit more unique than you have currently. Socks that are made of fishnets or lace can add a whole new look to your recently discovered croc vibe. Add ankle bracelets to cast a beachy tone for the day. The choices are endless for ways to style and incorporate crocs into your life. Adding jibbitz to your shoe is the best way to show personality and make your crocs uniquely you. Jibbitz are, of course, customizable day today, so be sure to switch them up if you are feeling one way or another.

What are your favorite ways to style your crocs?