10 Ways To Introduce Your Boyfriend To Your Parents

When you introduce your boyfriend to the family, it is a daunting task. Even if your family *sorta* knows him, making the formal introduction is terrifying, but important. This person will hopefully be in your life for a while, so he would want to make a good impression! Here are five ways to make the situation less horrifying, and more enjoyable for everyone involved!

1. BBQ 

10 Ways To Introduce Your Boyfriend To Your Parents

Bringing a boy to a relaxed cookout is almost foolproof to introduce your boyfriend. You can easily escape your immediate family and mingle with acquaintances. You can sit by the bonfire away from everyone, or you can merge yourselves into the thick of things, all without being too obvious.

A large barbecue or cookout is an awesome way to casually introduce your beau to your family and friends. There’ll be many people and you won’t have all eyes on your man. Plus, it’s probably the least uncomfortable on this list.

2. Breakfast, Brunch, or Even Coffee

10 Ways To Introduce Your Boyfriend To Your Parents

Breakfast and brunch are two things with end times. It’s not a 5-course dinner with no light at the end of the tunnel– both are relatively quick meals from which you can escape to an “appointment” or “event” (even if no such thing exists). If it’s really awkward, it shouldn’t be too long! If it goes well, it goes well! Plan the event to introduce your boyfriend to your parents.

3. Outdoor Concert

10 Ways To Introduce Your Boyfriend To Your Parents

An outdoor concert is super casual, with a laidback come-and-go vibe. Bringing your significant other to meet up with your family or some friends is extremely casual, very easy to escape, and also a lot of fun! It’s a great way to enjoy some music and spend time with your loved ones.

4. Sports event

10 Ways To Introduce Your Boyfriend To Your Parents

Sporting events can be a tricky place to introduce people — it can be loud and impersonal, yet everyone is squished in close proximity. However, there’s something to watch if you need to get away from an awkward conversation, and there’s always concession stands to grab a bite and a break.

5. If you must…Dinner

10 Ways To Introduce Your Boyfriend To Your Parents

Okay, dinner is the go-to, but also the last resort. It’s long and complicated — there are expectations, there are fake laughs, there are skin-crawling silences. If you’re going to dinner, go casual. A formal evening will invite discomfort and prolong the occasion.

These tips are all on a worst-case-scenario basis. If your boyfriend and family hit it off, that’s awesome! It happens frequently, but it may not. Even if they don’t seem to click right away, give it time; if he’s the right person, they’ll warm up to him! Always make sure to keep the conversation going (as the mediator), and enjoy the occasion regardless of its outcome.

 Have any other ways to introduce your boyfriend to the parents? Comment below!

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