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Interviewing Tips From A CEO

Interviewing Tips From A CEO

Interviewing Tips From A CEO

“Interviewing is sales. People who run from this don’t get hired. I want someone who is confident about their abilities so I can be confident that they’re the right fit.” – Hiring manager/ CEO. The following list is brought to you by my dad, a former CEO that spent many years interviewing candidates for various positions in his company.

Bring A Copy Of Your Resume

Don’t annoy the interviewer by giving them homework. Show them you’re prepared and print out two copies so you can both look at it during the interview. If you sent in a cover letter, bring a copy of that as well.

Be On Time

If a candidate is late for the interview then they’re going to be late for work, and that’s not someone a smart employer will want. Even a minute or two after the start time isn’t good. Be at least ten minutes early to show that you want the position.

Interviewing Tips From A CEO

Show That You Want The Position

Employers are interested in serious candidates who want the job. Their goal is to evaluate if your skills match the job description. Don’t put irrelevant skills on your resume.

Be Professional

This includes dress and manner. Dress to impress, especially in an office setting. For women, a white blouse and black blazer and slacks are ideal, and a guy should wear similar and a tie. Don’t flaunt piercings or tattoos, especially if they’re facial and/or profane.

Individuality Is NOT Your Most Important Attribute

Companies want to hire an employee who will be an asset to their business. Employers look for that in interviewees. Show that you’re a team player and easy to get along with. No one wants to work beside someone who doesn’t work well with others.

Interviewing Tips From A CEO

“What’s Your Greatest Weakness?” Is A Stupid Question

If an interviewer asks this question, it’s a sign that they don’t know how to interview. Exploit their inexperience by answering the question by telling them another strength. If they push it, sell your confidence by telling them your weaknesses are outside the realm of what they need from you. You’re sitting in their office because you are the strongest candidate for the position.

Don’t Talk Negatively About Your Last Employer

Talking negatively about your last employer shows the interviewer that you’re not easy to get along with. If you experienced conflict at your last job, then it’s likely you’ll be a problem for your next employer as well. If you didn’t like your last job, tell the interviewer the skills you learned there rather than what you thought of your employer.

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 Never Say “Personal Reasons”

When an interviewer asks, “Why did you leave your last job?” Never say “personal reasons”. Evasive responses will scare your prospective employer because they’ll imagine something worse than what happened. If it was sexual misconduct or something of that nature, just say that You liked working for the company, but you’re interested in working somewhere new. That way you are not talking negatively about your former employer and not giving your new employer anything to worry about.

Interviewing Tips From A CEO

Confidence, Goal Driven, Dedicated

The most important trait a candidate should have is confidence. Show the interviewer your confidence in your abilities and they will hire you. Confidence begets confidence and if you are confident then the interviewer will be too. The next one, goal-driven is important because employers want people who seek to be better than how they are now. They want to see someone who is willing to strive for what they want and put their all into working for the company. The third best trait is dedication. Show that if they hire you, you’ll be dedicated to doing the best job possible at the tasks given to you.

Don’t Play Hard To Get

If you have other offers, don’t tell the employer during the interview. It doesn’t show the employer your value as you might think. Rather, the interviewer will think you don’t value their time and feel disrespected. If you do in fact have an offer that is time sensitive, mention it in your follow up thank you email in a polite manner that expresses your interest in the position you interviewed for.

Interviewing Tips From A CEO

If you get nothing else from this article, remember this: employers want someone who works hard and helps the company succeed. During the interview, make sure you come off as that person! Did I miss anything? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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