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Top 10 Interior Decor Ideas for Poor College Students

Top 10 Interior Decor Ideas for Poor College Students

It can sometimes be frustrating to find interior decor ideas for your college dorm room if you don’t have any money. Luckily, you can still buy some things that will add a personal touch to your room. You’ve probably seen some interior decor ideas from other dorm rooms this year, but don’t just make your own space a copy of someone else’s. Make the decorations you choose, reflect the kind of person you are. Below are 10 interior decor ideas for your small college dorm room that will impress anyone who visits you.

Hanging lights

If you’re looking for interior decor ideas for relatively cheap, consider buying some hanging lights to put either on a nearby wall or suspending the ceiling! Hanging lights come in many different varieties, so you’ll have a lot to choose from when you go to the local store to purchase some. Also, just because they’re a little cheap, it doesn’t mean they’re bad. Quite the opposite, in fact! Simply including a tiny decoration like this in your dorm room will add a personal and cozy atmosphere to the room. Whenever your friends come over to visit, they’ll notice these lights and how they cover up some of the blank wall space.

A comfortable chair

Every college student who is shopping for interior decor ideas will most likely have this on their wish-list! The reason for this is because having an extra chair in your room is essential if you plan on having people over regularly. Having guests sit on your bed gives them no back support, which makes them hunch forward. Instead of relaxing in a comfortable position, they are forced to constantly lean forward. This is definitely not something you want to happen. So, what do you do? You buy a chair for them to sit in! Depending on your dorm room size, there may not be enough space to include more than one chair. However, even one additional chair is better than not having any at all, right?


A couple lamps

Imagine this; you’re working late at night on an essay for your class, and you don’t want to keep your roommate up by keeping the overhead light on. This is a pretty common problem, but luckily, it can be solved very easily if you go and buy one or two lamps to put around the room. Maybe you could have a desk lamp that’ll give you enough light so you can see all your notes, or perhaps you can have a tall floor lamp which will add some more light to the dim room. You can also experiment with the positions of the lamps. Don’t feel like you have to keep them in the same place for the entire year. Do what feels right to you, but make sure you consult your roommate before putting a bright lamp near their bed!

Cozy bedding

Unfortunately, a large portion of bedding that the colleges provide students on their websites is not great. They’re thin and usually don’t keep you warm in the winter months. However, you can fix this problem by adding a large and cozy blanket to your bed! These are not very expensive, and Walmart or some other local store will most definitely have an extensive collection for you to choose from. Of course, you’re going to want something that will go with the rest of your interior decor ideas for the room. Perhaps hold off on buying the bedding until you have a good idea of what you want your room to look like!

A few throw pillows

Even with a new chair and some hanging lights, your dorm room still seems a little…well…empty. Fill up that empty space with a few throw pillows! Having throw pillows in your room is not as necessary as some of the other interior decor ideas. Still, it’s always nice to have them! As a plus, there are quite a lot to choose from. Many stores carry small and unique throw pillows. Sometimes they’ll have inspiring words. Other times, they’ll have a really nice looking design that you’ll buy immediately when you see it. Again, be sure that the pillows you buy match up with your room’s other decorations!


A Mirror

This is one of the more useful interior decor ideas since pretty much every college student needs to have access to a mirror. While there are always some in the bathrooms down the hall, sometimes you just want to fix yourself up in your own room’s privacy. So, now that you’ve decided to purchase a mirror, all you need to do now is to figure out what kind you want. Do you want a small mirror that will easily fit your desk, or do you want to go the extra mile and buy a full-length mirror instead? There are good things and bad things about both types, but, regardless of what you eventually go with, you will find that it is something you’ll use every day!

Pictures or Art

Why not personalize your dorm room with some of your favorite pictures or art? For arguably the most creative of the interior room ideas, place pictures of yourself and your family around the room. If you’re feeling homesick, being able to see your family, even if they’re only pictures, will make you feel more at home. You could also place some reproductions of famous art pieces on the walls to get that classy feel to your private space! These are usually relatively cheap on Amazon if you want to want to do this. Friends who come over to visit will know immediately that you’re into high art!

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Old fashioned extension cords

Extension cords. Everyone uses them nowadays. Of course, they’re all basically using the same ones, so it would totally stick out if you found some really old ones to add a unique touch to your room. However, these may be difficult to find, since many of the big stores don’t carry them anymore since they’re so old. Don’t let this get you down, though! You can always check your local Goodwill or Salvation Army for these. Since they make a habit of collecting old things, these two places would be perfect stores to look in! Browse the shelves as you hunt for this and (perhaps) other antique interior decor ideas.

A fluffy rug

Like cozy bedding, a fluffy rug is essential if you’re living in a dorm that gets cold during the winter months. Rugs are always a good choice when you’re looking for interior decor ideas. One of the best things they accomplish is that they take up some of the floor space. The floor in any dorm room is pretty dull to look at, so putting a rug down will cover it up and give your friends something else to look at. Be careful when you’re eating and drinking in your room, though. If you drop or spill something on the rug, it may not come out, and your new rug will be ruined.



Blankets are a nice but mostly useless addition to your dorm room in the hot months. However, when it gets cold outside, they become practically necessary for your survival! It’s always nice to have something to offer to your visiting friends if they get chilly. Having a few blankets around will ensure that no one becomes uncomfortable. Blankets are one of the interior decor ideas for your dorm room that are readily available at many local stores. So it will never be hard to find one that matches your room’s design. To avoid your room becoming too cluttered with decor, make sure you find a place to store your blankets (and all your other decor items) when not in use.

Did this list give you any new interior decor ideas for your dorm room? Are there any cool ones that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!