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Interesting Salads You Need To Try

Although we all like a delicious burger with a side of fries, we must remember the necessity of providing our bodies with healthy, nutrient-rich meals. That doesn’t mean it can’t be delicious; here are 10 interesting salads that will make you want to eat more healthily!

1. Peaches, Burrata And Prosciutto

First up on our list of interesting salads is one that takes a fun twist to an otherwise more traditional Caprese salad. Instead of mozzarella, replace it with creamy burrata and substitute your tomatoes for delicious and summery peaches! The salty prosciutto creates the perfect contrast of flavors and you may want to add in some pine nuts for a different mixture of textures that are sure to satisfy your taste buds. For your dressing, opt for the white balsamic vinaigrette to ensure you intensify the flavor. Finish the salad off with a sprinkle of salt and pepper and it is ready to enjoy!

2. Buffalo Chicken And Quinoa

This next one on our list of interesting salads is for those of you who can’t stand the idea of abandoning your precious buffalo chicken! Not only is this salad a more healthy alternative, but it is also super quick and simple to make. The broccoli and carrots added to the salad are not to scare you away, they are simply there to add a good crunch and more flavor, which you will be thankful for once you try it. Another aspect to the salad that is there to intensify the flavor is the crumbles of blue cheese, which ties in an almost magical way with the buffalo chicken. Don’t worry, we could never give you a salad that is dry! This recipe includes making a buffalo sauce to serve as the dressing and it will leave you drooling for more once you are done with your plate. 

3. Crunchy Cashew Thai Quinoa

Next up on our list of interesting salads is all about texture and a perfect blend of flavors. One of the many great things about this salad is that it can easily be made gluten-free or vegan depending on your dietary restrictions! The delicious ingredients include carrots, cabbage, quinoa, cilantro, cashews, red pepper, onion, and more. The creamy peanut butter dressing with a hint of ginger that comes with this salad gives the dish an Asian flavor profile that is absolutely mouth-watering. The satisfying crunch, along with the delectable blend of flavors will leave your stomach extremely satisfied and happily full! 

4. Chickpea Salad

Another one of our interesting salads that is scrumptious and easy to make is one of our favorites: A Chickpea Salad. This vegan recipe is full of flavor and works as a good filling meal with plenty of textures to satisfy your taste buds. The best part about this recipe is that it calls for roasting your chickpeas with spices which is what enhances the flavor and makes it ten times better. Then, you combine the chickpeas with cherry tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, avocado, and top it all off with tahini dressing for a wonderfully developed flavor and hearty dish. 

5. French Potato Salad

This next one of our interesting salads is a French Potato Salad with green beans that serves as an ample side dish to bring to a BBQ or a fun lunch picnic! The silky potatoes, crisp green beans, and additional substance from the hard-boiled egg all come together to create a flavorful and filling dish. The potatoes, which are the star of the dish, ensure that everyone will be astonished and appreciate this meal, all while not exactly realizing that they are eating salad! The dressing of this salad locks in the flavor with olive oil, anchovies, and herbs all mixed in with green olives for an extra kick of salt.

6. Roasted Grape Salad

We know what you are thinking, roasted grapes? What in the world? But that is exactly why this dish deserves a spot on our list of interesting salads! You will be pleasantly surprised by the pop of juicy and delicious flavor that the grapes will add to the salad, especially once they are roasted as this brings out the sweetness of their flavor even more. The crumbled-up blue cheese, chopped-up walnuts, and lemon juice all come together to create a perfect blend of unique flavors and textures that will satisfy your palate in the perfect way. 

7. Mango, Avocado, And Blueberry Salad

The best part about all of our interesting salads is the unique combination of ingredients that one may have never thought about doing before. Although one may never have thought to combine mangos, blueberries, and avocados, once you’ve tried it you will never go back to doubting unique food combos. The creamy avocado blended with the juicy textures of the mango and blueberries creates a perfect mix of unforgettable flavor and is ultra-simple to make! With the addition of the mint and basil, you finish off the delicious dish.

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8. Watermelon And Olive Salad

Another one of our interesting salads that include an unlikely combination of ingredients is the watermelon and olives salad! Although this seems like a super unusual flavor combination, we are sure that by giving this dish a chance you will not only expand your taste buds but you will also gain a new appreciation for trying new and unique foods. By adding feta and olives to your salad, you allow a perfect, salty complement of flavor to the sweet and juicy watermelon; your salad will have a highly rich flavor profile without requiring an extensive amount of ingredients! Finish off the salad with olive oil and fresh mint leaves to guarantee your stomach is happily satisfied. 

9. Cantaloupe And Cucumber Salad

Cantaloupe and cucumber salad is next up on our list of interesting salads because it is a healthy and refreshing dish that also combines two unlikely ingredients. Plus, this is another dish that is super easy and quick to make whenever you forget that you need to bring something to the local BBQ! The ingredients of this salad, melons, and cucumbers, are both foods that are known for their extensive water content which is what makes this dish so perfectly refreshing for the summer. I guess you can say feta cheese is a fan favorite because it seems to be a necessary addition to all of these interesting salads; probably because the crumbled feta cheese adds the kick of flavor that all salads need and can pair well with pretty much anything!

10. Watermelon, Blueberries, And Feta Salad

Speaking of feta cheese, our final interesting salad on the list includes our best friend feta, watermelon, and blueberries! Not only do the colors go well together for Memorial Day Weekend or the Fourth of July but the flavors also blend together so well that you will question why you never combined these fruits with feta and mint before! The secret trick to this salad is to add two tablespoons of honey to lock in the sweet and minty contrast of the dish. 

We hope that this collection of interesting salads has encouraged you to try a new combination the next time you want to make a healthy dish! What’s your favorite salad? Let us know below!

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