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Top 5 Interesting First Date Ideas

Top 5 Interesting First Date Ideas

The dreaded first date, where relationships are either made or killed before they even begun. The first dates leave the biggest impression on your potential partner, and you want it to be filled with enjoyment, but also lots of intimate interaction and communication. That being said, here are the 5 first date ideas that will maximize your chances in getting future ones!

1. Ice Skating

There is a reason ice skating is generally seen as romantic, and although it may sound as cliche of a first date as any, it always provides a great experience. It’s an activity so simple, yet it works almost every time. Ice skating is so great because neither you nor your date need to be any good at it.

There’s plenty of time to get to know your date while you’re both skating on the rink, and it increases your physical comfort and trust with each other. 


2. Picnic

If you know a nice and open picnic place, then this is another great idea for a first date. Remember, a first date doesn’t have to be fancy for it to be memorable. Having a picnic checks all the important boxes; communication, intimate face to face time, and a chance to know your date better.

Assuming the picnic is in a park (like usual), that brings the opportunity for the two of you to go on a stroll, which just adds to the romantic and intimate vibes of the date. Bonus points for that.



3. Karaoke

Suggest this to your date, and if they’re not against it, karaoke is another great first date option. The beauty of it all is that similar to ice skating, you both can be terrible at singing, and still have an amazing, fun time. In a way, doing this forces the both of you to let your guard down heavily toward each other, which is great for building a relationship.

There will be a lot of talking throughout the date, and mere body language through the singing gives you a lot more information about your date than you would expect. 

4. Theme Park

This is probably the best first date idea in terms of flat out communication between the two of you. However, it does take much longer than the other dates, as it’s likely going to be a “whole day” kind of date. If the two of you are fine with that, go to the theme park!


From waiting ages just to get on a ride, to understanding what kind of rides your date prefers, a date at a theme park fully allows you to know your potential as well as possible on a first date. 

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Also, you can use this to test the waters for PDA (holding hands, etc), and see how your date feels about that. Overall, you can’t go wrong with a theme park first date. 



5. Psychic Reading

This isn’t for everyone, but going for a psychic reading as a date would be super interesting for the both of you. You’d have to ask the psychic easy light questions though, questions that you and your date can talk about and bond over throughout the rest of the date (like ask about being soul mates etc).

It may not be the most exciting of the first date ideas on our list, but psychic readings are a great way to engage with your date, communicate freely, understand who they are and what their interests are. 


So, there you have it! Use any of these first date ideas and you’re almost guaranteed a second date. Let us know if you have any other great first date ideas in the comments!

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